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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

The Colgate Maroon-News

Chef Jehn Webb: Meet Kappa Kappa Gamma’s Beloved Culinary Creative

Printed with permission of Jehn Webb

As a child, when her peers were playing games, Jennifer Webb could instead be found in a kitchen, pretending to be a chef. Known by the members of Colgate University’s Kappa Kappa Gamma (Kappa) as “Chef Jehn,” Webb has worked as the sorority’s chef for 13 years. While she grew up in Oneida, N.Y., Webb has lived in Morrisville, N.Y., for around 30 years. Throughout her career, Webb has taken advantage of opportunities in Madison County, N.Y. She previously studied hotel and restaurant management at the State University of New York at Morrisville (SUNY Morrisville) and, after graduating, became a teaching assistant at her alma mater. There, Webb built a strong culinary foundation by working alongside a renowned chef, from whom she continues to draw much inspiration.

With 196 current members, Kappa is Colgate’s biggest sorority. Over the years, Webb has adopted tactics to organize her recipes, create new dishes and feed the large group. She has what she calls the “Kappa Bible,” a book that contains the members’s favorite recipes. When searching for new inspiration, Webb consults Food Network and TikTok to explore culinary trends. 

Webb does not have a single favorite meal to eat or cook. Rather, she bases her recipes on the seasons. When the weather changes, so do her food cravings. In the fall, she loves soup. In the winter, she makes casseroles, roast beef and other foods she associates with comfort. She cooks shrimp, chicken and vegetables on the grill in the summer. 

Serving as the chef for a large group does not come without challenges. The most difficult aspect of Webb’s daily work is the fluctuation in members who choose to eat in the house. Webb adapts her recipes and the quantity of food she makes daily to prevent food waste. She spends Sundays planning for the week and placing orders to ensure that everything runs smoothly when she is cooking.

Although Webb spends a lot of time creating thoughtful menus and delicious dishes in the kitchen, she finds other outlets to express her creativity. Webb devotes free time to making watercolor and acrylic paintings, as well as making macramé. 

“Painting is kind of like my cooking. I see something and think about how I can put my spin on it. I guess I am a very creative person, and I have to keep feeding that part of me. When I don’t do that, I feel lost,” Webb said.

Webb has always had a passion for the food service industry. She perceives her work as the Kappa chef as dually rewarding; she is thankful to be able to channel her creativity into her cooking while also building connections within the sorority’s community. Webb’s thoughtfulness and effort do not go unnoticed by the current members and the chapter’s alumni.

“I do what I love. I am thankful that I have a job like this. The most rewarding part is the [students]. I want to know everybody,” Webb said. “I am still friends with people in the class of 2011. I never thought I would still be in contact with those girls, but I am. Some of them have babies, and they are married. It makes me happy to know about their lives because they still reach out. That is absolutely the best part of this job.”

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