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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

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Chef Carrie Clark: Continuing a Family Legacy of Cooking With Care at Phi Kappa Tau

Richie Rosen

Carrie Clark, the chef at the Colgate University Phi Kappa Tau (Phi Tau) fraternity house, has been working there since 2015. Clark grew up in Morrisville, N.Y., and comes from a family of chefs who owned restaurants in the area. Clark herself used to own a diner before moving to Hamilton, N.Y., and becoming chef of the fraternity. She explained that her family has a long history in the restaurant industry, with her mother, grandfather and herself all having owned a restaurant in Morrisville.

Growing up in a family of restaurant owners meant that cooking brought Clark’s family together, and that they cook often. She shared that her family’s favorite dish to make is pasta.

“[We cook] almost every weekend; we all take turns,” Clark said. “We’re not Italian, but we eat a lot of pasta.”

Clark emphasized that family is an important aspect of her life and she and her relatives, including her two sons and granddaughter, are all very close.

“It’s just me and my boys. They’re fully grown and I have a granddaughter, [as well],” Clark said. “Everybody lives right in Morrisville and I see them every weekend.” 

Besides her passion for cooking, Clark loves being outdoors in every season. 

“I’m big into camping, hiking and mountain biking — anything outdoorsy,” Clark said.

Even the snow and cold weather of a Hamilton winter don’t stop Clark from spending time outdoors and appreciating nature.

“I’m a hunter, so I spend a lot of time in the winter doing that,” Clark said.

Similar to how cooking brings Clark’s family together, outdoor activities allow her family to connect with one another and spend valuable time participating in fun activities. 

“My sons are big hunters and my granddaughter is only two [years old], so sledding and just walking in the snow is a big adventure,” Clark said.

The Phi Tau fraternity members are a significant part of Clark’s life. Some members even recently came together to celebrate her son’s birthday. This, she shares, is one of her favorite memories from her time as the fraternity chef.

“This weekend was my son’s 21st birthday, so we all got together for that,” Clark said. “A bunch of the fraternity members went out with my son to celebrate his birthday. He had an amazing time; [it was] so much fun.” 

Clark expresses her affection for Phi Tau through cooking, particularly by preparing the fraternity’s favorite dish of lasagna. She enjoys her job and the relationships she has built with the brothers. 

“I love my job; I have no intention of ever leaving it. I love these students like they’re my own children,” Clark said.

Senior Hayden Gilbert explained that Clark has made a lasting impression on him since he joined the fraternity during his sophomore year.

“[Clark] is more than just our chef; she has become a friend and mentor to my brothers and I,” Gilbert said.

Senior Carson Hobler spoke about how Clark contributes to the overall community at Phi Tau, helping to boost morale and keep everyone in good spirits.

“Not only does [Clark] provide our fraternity with a slew of irresistible dishes, most notably our ‘Taco Tuesdays,’ but she also has an infectious demeanor that lights up even the cloudiest of days,” Hobler said. “To us, [Clark] is not just a chef but a friend, and for that we are forever grateful.”

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Richie Rosen, Assistant Sports Editor
Richie Rosen is a sophomore from Los Angeles, CA concentrating on economics with a minor in political science. He has previously served as a staff writer for the Commentary, Baker's Dozen, and Sports sections. On campus, Richie is involved in the Colgate Investment Club, the Ski Club, and a greek letter organization. 

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