In The Light: Ariel Sherry

Senior Ariel Sherry, a Psychology and Religion double concentration, has been able to incorporate her academic studies into her passions and extracurricular activities. 

Sherry is involved in many activities, including Thought Into Action (TIA), Delta Delta Delta sorority, the Colgate Jewish Union (CJU), Adopt-a-Grandparent (now called enGAGE), Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) and is a member of Konosioni Senior Honor Society. Sherry has served as Vice President of Finance for Delta Delta Delta, team leader for enGAGE, Luminary chair for CAC and board member on the CJU. 

Sherry particularly enjoys working with the elderly and has formed lasting relationships with some of the locals she has met, including one woman with whom she goes on walks every week. 

“I love elders, and with Adopt-a-Grandparent I’ve been able to form really close relationships with local elders,” Sherry said. “It’s really inspiring to hear their stories and talk with them.”

Sherry has also benefitted greatly from TIA, through which she developed her business Age Together. She has been working on the business part-time while in school and will work full-time once she graduates. Last year, during Entrepreneur Weekend, Sherry was able to present her business idea to a panel that included Ashton Kutcher and founder of Airbnb Brian Chesky. 

“I love [TIA] because I’ve learned so much through it that I wouldn’t have just gotten out of my classes,” Sherry said. “It’s given me me a way to turn my passion into something more effective. I get to connect with alumni and community members through it.”

Throughout her various experiences, Sherry has learned that taking chances often pays off. 

“Be open to trying things and taking chances you normally wouldn’t have taken,” Sherry said. “For example, I never thought I would be part of an entrepreneurial program or do public speaking in front of a couple thousand people, but these have been really rewarding experiences.”

Sherry has appreciated the support of the Colgate community throughout her time here. 

“From friends to professors, faculty and alumni, it’s amazing how people wll go out of their way to help you pursue your passions,” Sherry said.