Got Talent? Colgate Students Show Off Theirs at Annual Show


On Thursday, November 13, a small blizzard hit the village of Hamilton – and so did Colgate’s Got Talent. The Colgate Activities Board (CAB)hosts the event annually at the Palace Theater as a way to showcase the special talents of students at Colgate.

“Each year we hope to be an avenue for students to share their personal hobbies, artistic abilities and creative flare with their peers,” Alexa de Alessandrini, a Special Events Executive for the Colgate Activities Board, said. “We also view this event as a great way to connect different students within the arts, music and performance networks on campus so that we can elevate the atmosphere of collaboration on campus.”

“I loved going to Colgate’s got talent last Thursday night. It was incredible to see the diverse talent that students at this school have and their willingness to share it with others, and the food was delicious,” sophomore Grace VanValey said.

The first act to grace the stage was senior Lokelani Cummings who pleased the crowd with Tahitian dancing. In a solo performance, Sarah Casabonne sang “You Were Meant for Me” by Jewel, and then followed up with an original song entitled “Fall into Place”.  Sarah returned to the stage after a few acts to share an impromptu rendition of “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show with Jacob King, member of first-year band On the Rocks.

Shelby Saunders pulled a chair to the center of the stage and a music stand as she prepared to play “The Swan” on her cello. As the lights fell, the crowd was ushered into silence as the powerful, loud sounds of the cello encompassed the room.

First-year Marie Benton impressed the crowd with a routine of Irish Step Dancing, for which she has been regionally, nationally and internationally recognized.

The crowd was finally excited to

welcome the members of On the Rocks to the stage. The band consists of six members of the first-year class who met in their first-year seminar class and began brainstorming about the idea of starting a band. Despite some technical difficulties, the guitarists, lead singer and drummer complemented each other during covers of “Fireflies” by Owl City and “Let it Go” from the Disney movie Frozen.

The Colgate Activities Board attributes the weather and first-year class registration for the meager attendance of the usually well-attended event.

“Unfortunately, due to the mishap we lost a large percentage of the 15 original acts who had signed up,” de Alessandrini said. “Without performers, it is sometimes hard to have a successful show!  Yet the CAB team came together and utilized great last minute planning and critical teamwork to ensure that the show went on, with some fabulous performances sprinkled throughout.”

Unlike other events sponsored by the Colgate Activities Board, Colgate’s Got Talent does not require any audition or selection process, contributing to the show’s spontaneity.

“This show is a chance for any student who enjoys performing to come out and display whatever talent he or she has been developing, at any level of comfort.” de Alessandrini said.

“Colgate’s Got Talent is one of very few events on campus that shows off the wide-ranging talents of Colgate’s student body without a focus on what clubs or activities the students are involved in, allowing for a very open and inclusive atmosphere,” Special Event Executive for CAB sophomore Kelsey Soderberg said.