In The Light: Amulya Uppala

In The Light: Amulya Uppala

For Amulya Uppala, a Seattle native who is majoring in Peace & Conflict Studies (PCON), the decision regarding what she wanted to study was one that had been, at least in part, decided a long time ago.

“Majoring in Peace & Conflict Studies was something I was interested in even when looking at Colgate, due to the focus on how individuals are affected by various forms of violence,” Uppala said.

Uppala has had very positive experiences with the classes she has taken. In fact, it is one of the things she has most appreciated about her experience at Colgate thus far.

“The PCON classes I’ve taken often crossover with other departments and allow me to develop strong relationships with my professors – something I highly value about my academic experience here,” Uppala said.

Though she dedicates a great deal of time and energy to her studies, she has also invested herself in other roles around campus. She is a part of the Konosioni Senior Honor Society, Link Staff, the Sexual Climate Advisory Committee, Ophelia’s Girls and Sidekicks. 

She has also been a cast member in the past two productions of “This Is Not a Play About Sex,” is a senator in the Student Government Association and a Center for Outreach, Volunteerism and Education (COVE) student representative for the Organizational Advisory Committee.

Through these roles she has not only been able to influence her classmates but also to improve the community which she has called home for the better part of three years.

Though some students have doubts about what they want to do, be it coming into college or leaving it for the real world, Uppala has not had this issue. She says that she will be taking a gap year from her studies, following her graduation, and then attend law school.

Regardless of how concrete her future plans are, there are things about Colgate that Uppala believes she will miss.

“I’ve been lucky enough to make deep friendships that have been an integral part of my experience, and I know that I will miss this special place where they formed, as well as the proximity we have to each other,” Uppala said.