Best Nest: Bringing the Outdoors Indoors


Names: Ellis S. and Gina J.

Class: 2017

Campus Address: Russell House

Hometowns: Skaneateles, NY and Medfield, MA

When I entered Ellis and Gina’s room the other day, I was greeted with bright smiles and bright decorations to match. These two girls live in a colorful and inviting double in Russell House, a sophomore dorm on upper campus. After saying our hellos and chatting for a few minutes, I began to ask Ellis and Gina some questions about their room.

“What were your inspirations when designing this room?” I asked.

Gina immediately mentioned the trip she took to India this past summer, where she purchased a jewel-toned tapestry that hangs by her bed. She also spoke about the pictures on her walls, using them to fill the room with friends, family and memories from home. Gina showed pride for her home state with a gold glitter painting in the shape of the state of Massachusetts. Her favorite addition to the room is the colorful bejeweled initials that she made herself.

“I like nature, so I wanted it to be…cozy and outdoorsy,” Ellis said.

Hoping to welcome the outdoors, Ellis hung an amazingly realistic tapestry of a forest on her wall.  Like Gina, Ellis also wanted to bring memories of home into her room, and her collection of Polaroid pictures accomplished exactly this.

Ellis and Gina had an incredible collection of decorations, which was definitely the most striking aspect of the room. The two girls had a clear vision of what they wanted their room to be like: they both wanted to bring the outdoors indoors. From the forest tapestry to pictures of friends, family and home, they did an excellent job of representing themselves in their dorm room.