In The Light: Nicholas Grunden


Photo Courtesy of Nicholas Grunden

Nick Grunden, a senior from Easton, Maryland is majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Spanish. He has been able to achieve a great deal at Colgate by investing himself in a major that he loves and extracurricular activities which he feels are deeply important.

“I selected Neuroscience because it, as a field, is growing and developing at such an amazing rate right now,” Grunden said.  “Along with the novelty and potential associated with it, it is a wonderful avenue for me to combine my love for science and my affinity for getting to know people’s ins and outs. Neuroscience, in a lot of ways, lets us peek into what might be happening behind our behaviors … and I absolutely love that.”

Beyond that, Grunden has involved himself in a plethora of other extracurriculars around the campus and is also a member of the Konosioni  Senior Honor Society. For Grunden, there is one group which he believes to be his main passion: Lambda, Colgate’s LGBTQ social and support group. He serves as the group’s co-president.

“I think a safe, fun and welcoming environment for queer students to get to know each other and form a cohesive community is vital,” Grunden said.

In addition to his involvement in Lambda, Grunden is also part of the Link Staff, which he is very passionate about. In his third year of involvement, he is now more than just a role model and resource for his link group, but for younger members of the staff as well. To Grunden, the greatest contribution of the organization is fostering a more closely knit community.

He is also interested in dance, as an active member of FUSE Dance Company and choreographer of an independent piece.  

“It has been fantastic to be a part of an organization filled with such devoted and passionate individuals,” Grunden said. “It really motivates me to give all I can to the Colgate community and it has been amazing getting to know other great people in my class.” 

Though Grunden does not know exactly what he wants to do in the future, he does have some general ideas. While he plans to attend graduate school, he also intends to take a few years off following his graduation to experience different things before devoting himself to further neuroscientist studies.

One of the things he says he loves about Colgate is that he can be anywhere on campus and recognize someone, which would not be possible if he were less involved. 

“The sense of community and connection is something that is not as easily achieved after Colgate and it is something that I will most definitely miss,” Grunden said.