Best Nest: Center Stillman


Names: Ally Burstein, Sara Schroder, Maddie Campbell and Delaney Jones

Class: 2018

Residence Location: Stillman

Hometowns: Bronxville, NY, Hamilton, Bermuda and Bedminster, NJ


  This past weekend I visited Ally, Sara, Maddie and Delaney’s room. These four women have a roomy, well-decorated suite that definitely takes advantage of all the space they were given. The first thing I noticed when I entered their room was the blanket-covered mattress lying in the common room. The women have decorated the drab mattress with brightly colored pillows and blankets, making it resemble a luxurious futon rather than an undecorated mattress. Christmas lights and an enviable collection of wall decorations provide the finishing touches to make this room a fun, exciting place to live.


What was your inspirations for decorating this room?

Sara: Romantic.

Delaney: We wanted to make a cozy space.

Ally: A place where people feel welcome to come and hang out.

Maddie: Friendly. We wanted to make an intimate and homey space.


What kind of decorations did you use in your room? 

Ally: We have Christmas lights, a couple of miscellaneous posters and flameless candles.

Delaney: We have some soccer posters and a panoramic of California Beach.

Ally: We have elephant bells! Apparently it’s good luck if the trunks are facing up.

Maddie: Pictures of friends!

Ally: And Maddie’s Colgate blanket!


Tell me about the mattress on the floor.

Delaney: I brought my own mattress, so now we have an extra one. We weren’t allowed      to move it out of the room so instead we put it in the common room and now we use      it as a futon. Sometimes Sarah sleeps there instead of on the top bunk!


What extracurricular activities are you all involved in at Colgate?

Sara: Pet pals! Ally and I tutor Somali refugees. Also, Maddie does club soccer.

Delaney: I’m in Green Earth Gang.

Ally: We’re also all Admissions Ambassadors.


Tell me one unique thing about yourself.

Sara: My family just got kittens. One of them is named Akon and the other is Timone.

Ally: I recently acquired a onesie at the Wal-Mart in Utica. I was passing by the     children’s section and saw lines of onesies…it is a youth large.

Maddie: I have a twin.

Delaney: I adamantly don’t believe in buttons. Actually, I have a phobia of buttons.