Best Nest: Hunter Warburton


Name: Hunter Warburton

Class: 2018

Campus Address: East Hall, Room 406

Hometown: Washington, DC


This past weekend I visited Hunter Warburton’s room on the fourth floor of East Hall. Warburton, granted a single in a room that is typically a double, most definitely lucked out in the housing lottery.

Warburton has two pieces of each dorm furniture item, and thus was forced to be quite innovative. 

The first thing I noticed when I entered Warburton’s room was a massive blank wall space. 

With his projector, this blank wall turns into an in-dorm movie theatre. 

Paired with the faux king-sized bed he constructed out of his two double beds, Warburton’s made the perfect spot to lounge and watch Netflix with friends. 



What were your inspirations for designing this room?


I’ve actually changed the room around a bunch of times. I’ve done a bunch of different configurations. 

I’m still changing it up and trying to find the best way to put the furniture. I got some music inspiration on the walls if you check out the posters. Tyler the Creator, Led Zeppelin, I’ve even got an Alice and Wonderland poster all the way to the right.

When I first got here, I didn’t know how big the room was going to be, but when I saw a big empty space on the wall, I just knew I had to get a projector there, and now I can have a bunch of people over [to use it].”


Tell me about your king sized bed.


Well, at first I only had one bed and tucked away the other bed, but recently I bought a king sized fitted sheet and have started using both beds instead. 

It’s pretty awesome … I can sprawl out on it and do snow angels and stuff. You don’t have to be worried about falling off; you can just sprawl out and relax.


What extracurricular activities are you involved in at Colgate?


I’m signed up for club curling. I’ve never really done curling before but I’m definitely interested in trying it out. 

I’m also a Benton Scholar, so we do a bunch of things outside of the classroom. We go on trips and hang out with each other a lot.

I do a lot of graphic design too, not really related to Colgate but just in my own time.

I do it for bands, companies, just freelance stuff basically.


Tell me one unique thing about yourself.


The DJ at Beta Beach was actually my friend from home, so I got to go backstage and meet Skizzy. 

Everyone back there was really cool and at the end of the night, I got to stand up on stage with Elephante and Beta.