In the Light: Austin Collier


Nicholas Le, Maroon-News Staff

Austin Collier, a senior from Providence, Rhode Island, has involved himself in numerous extra-curricular activities in addition to applying himself in his studies. He has consistently set an example for others, not only by being a model student but also by contributing to his community and involving himself to the greatest extent possible. 

Collier chose to major in International Relations because it covered a variety of subjects.

“I selected it because I am very interested in politics, but I also wanted to be able to explore economics and other fields within my major so a cross-disciplinary approach really appealed to me,” Collier said.

Another less future-oriented yet equally understandable reason for his choice? The lack of a required thesis.

Outside the classroom is where Austin’s achievements truly set him apart, as he is an active member in Phi Delta Theta, Konosioni Honor Society, Brothers, the Colgate Resolutions, Link Staff and the Student Government Association, of which he is Treasurer. These engagements fill up his schedule, but some also keep him sane despite a heavy workload.

 “I think I spend more time in meetings than in class, but I love being involved anyway,” Collier said. “Singing bass in the Resos is the one thing that keeps me de-stressed enough to keep my busy schedule without cracking up!”

Though the future is looming for Collier, it seems that he is taking the daunting challenge of adulthood well. 

“I plan to start one failed company with my friends right out of college, then move onto something more conventional in consulting until I get more established professionally, lose by a narrow margin in a local political campaign sometime in my thirties and then settle down into a middle management position as I start saving for my children’s education,” Collier said.  “Or maybe something in real estate.”

Although Collier’s experience at Colgate has been exceptional almost certainly because of his level of involvement in the community, he says that it will not be the organizations which he will miss, but rather his friends.

“There are so many people here that I consider family, some of whom I’ve known since orientation that I just can’t imagine my life without,” Collier said.