Charred Goosebeak Hosts First Show of Year

Alanna Weissman

On Saturday, October 26, students and their families crowded into the newly renovated Donovan’s Pub to see Charred Goosebeak, Colgate’s improv comedy group, perform their first show of the year. The Game’s Afoot, who hosted a family game night following the show, graciously shared the spotlight with Colgate’s own resident comedians.

“I really loved the turnout that we had for our first show,” President of Charred Goosebeak senior Rob Wechsler said.”It’s always great to make the fans happy, and especially the parents. We’d like to thank the Game’s Afoot for the time they lent us, and of course Donovan’s Pub for having us.”

The group relied on audience participation for prompts, and soon various engaging skits were born. The performers were by turns a set of identical twins; soldiers in Afghanistan; and three ex-lovers meeting in a McDonald’s.

“I think we had a great show. It garnered a lot of laughs, and I feel really good about that. An overall success for sure,” Wechsler said.

As Saturday marked Goosebeak’s first show of the year, it was also the first chance for the group’s first-years to take the stage in front of their peers.

“I was pleased with the performance of both our newbies and our more experienced members alike,” Wechsler said. “We love to showcase our comedy, and that’s exactly what we did.”

Still basking in last weekend’s success, Charred Goosebeak has even bigger and better things planned for the rest of the semester. The group’s next show, featuring famed comedians Jon Barinholtz and Rob Belushi, will be held on November 16.

“Everyone should consider coming,” Wechsler said with obvious enthusiasm. “It’s going to be a blast.”

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