Donovan’s Pub Reopens After Renovations, Festivities Include Trivia and Karaoke

Stacey Stein

Donovan’s Pub re-opened this past weekend, October 18 and 19, and hosted a reveal featuring food samples, a comedy show, trivia, live music and karaoke. After undergoing renovations, the pub has become an even better space for student-run events.

“The goal of the reveal was to show the campus this cool new space,” Donovan’s Pub executive and first-year Jack Polikoff said. “It’s to show the campus that this is a new place that we want students to make their own, and it’s going to be a really cool and fun space for all future Colgate students.”

The inside of Donovan’s Pub was reorganized and painted. There are also changes to the menu, and the reveal offered a chance for students to try the new food. “We had everything from trivia to all the different types of food we serve,” Polikoff said. “We have a brand new menu and a dessert menu on the way, so there’s going to be a lot of opportunities for students to hang out there.”

According to first-year Victoria Pawk, the event was enjoyable. “I heard it was a really cool venue with great food and a lively atmosphere,” Pawk said. “My experience was just that. There was a live band, great free food and I would say it was a pretty good turnout. It was definitely a place I would like to go back to another night.”

Sophomore Amanda Rubinstein also enjoyed herself at the reveal. “It was a great time,” Rubinstein said. “The food was good and the band played really well.  Everyone else seemed to be enjoying themselves as well.”

In the future, the Colgate Activities Board (CAB) hopes to host more events at the pub and ensure that it is a student-run place.

“There’s going to be everything from well-known national acts, like the people you see performing in New York City, to Colgate trivia nights, a cappellaconcerts, free dinners, study breaks and everything like that,” Polikoff said.  “They want to make it more about the students and make it another place where students can hang on campus and not go into town.”

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