Late Night Food Truck is Ready to Roll


Kelsey Soderberg

Sophomore Eli Koven recently partnered with local food vendor Holy Smokes BBQ to create “Gate Night Bite,” providing a new alternative to the weekly late night New York Pizzeria (Slices) trips. It will cater pulled pork sandwiches, chicken speedies, Italian sausage and beef brisket sandwiches among sides of rice, beans, salad or coleslaw, all for around five dollars. Koven, a budding entrepreneur, came up with the idea in order to bring delicious barbeque fare to Colgate students every weekend on the Village Green.

It’s safe to say that as college students, food is constantly on our minds. This is especially true after a long night out. The only problem that arises from this situation is the lack of options that Colgate has for the night owls who wish to do one thing and one thing only: chow down.

“Colgate has too vibrant of a nightlife and community to only have one late night food option, Slices,” Koven said, although he still feels that the legendary pizza joint deserves to keep its prominent place in Colgate culture.

As for partnering with Holy Smokes BBQ, Koven saw it as an opportunity to work with the Hamilton community as well as set up something exciting and long lasting for Colgate students.

“Holy Smokes BBQ was the perfect local business to fill this role,” he said. “They have a delicious product, quick service and a passionate, dedicated owner.”

Although the food truck is owned by a private company, Koven believes that everything about it is in the hands of the students, including the menu, times and days of operation. He even has an idea for people to submit their own unique dish ideas and then choose the best entr?ee through a campus wide vote.

With the social scene heating up quickly, the truck is getting close to fully opening its doors to the public. However, several problems have occurred in its beginning stages, primarily with issues that arose the one night the food truck opened this semester.

“The outlets that the owner plugged into were spotty and the ‘Gate Card machine didn’t begin functioning till later in the night. The police also seemed to have some issues with his presence,” Koven said.

Even with these minor setbacks, Koven and Holy Smokes are determined to get the food truck to be a Colgate staple, especially since they have worked tirelessly for the past year on submitting University proposals, obtaining the necessary permits and building and renovating the truck. But whether or not the truck opens in the coming weeks, Koven is sure that it will be a hit for students and townspeople.

“It is absolutely still a work in progress,” Koven said, “but this food truck is ready to become an addition to the Colgate community and can serve it in any way the students want, as long as they support it.”

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