From Photographer to Editor

Quincey Spagnoletti

I started off as a photographer for the Maroon-News three years ago. Each week I would flip through the paper in search for my photographs. Seeing which photograph was selected and reading the article that went along with it became a weekly occurrence. I loved seeing my name in the paper along with my photographs. Being a photographer for the Maroon-News introduced me to a lot of different aspects of Colgate that I never would have been involved with hadn’t I joined the newspaper. I was encouraged to go to events that interested me. Having the ability to depict an event through a photograph is one of the most appealing aspects to being a photographer. If you have any interest in photography, I encourage you to join the paper. It is a really great experience seeing your photographs in print.

My senior year, I had the ability to join the editorial staff as the Senior Photography Editor. Collaborating with these specific individuals every Tuesday night was an enjoyable and often stressful time. But, it was a rewarding experience that I often times looked forward to. Joining the editorial staff is one of the best things I got involved with on campus. I am so fortunate that I got affiliated with the paper when I did.

Having a feature all to my own, “Questions on the Quad,” was daunting at first – it required my going up to people I didn’t know on the quad. However, after my first week, I realized it was fun. I would save the fact that there was a picture involved until the end, and people would get upset with me. I had to convince them that they had already invested so much time into answering my question, and had to tell people that the photo was so small, they couldn’t even be recognized.

Coming up with a new question each week, I tried to think of questions pertinent to Colgate, and random questions as well. My favorite was question was, “How do you eat an Oreo cookie?” I thought this feature added a new dimension to the Maroon-News. I’m glad that when the opportunity arose to take this column, I volunteered – I have never regretted my decision. I only hope someone will continue with it next year.

For my last Questions on the Quad (Page C-3), I only interviewed seniors, with the question, “Being a senior, what do you wish you had gotten involved with at Colgate that you didn’t?” Many people responded with, “I wish I had been featured in the Maroon-News,” and it made me happy to give them the opportunity.

Being a studio art major with an emphasis in photography, this was a great opportunity to combine both of my interests. The arts special edition was one of the most pleasing editions for me personally. I really enjoyed teaming up with the other editors and talking about the art department in a positive light.

As I move on to the next stage of my life, I really am fortunate to have been a part of the Maroon-News.