Baker’s Dozen: Trixie Yoo


Trixie Yoo

Ignacio Villar, Assistant Baker’s Dozen Editor

A Cleveland, Ohio native, member of the Resolutions a capella group, a WRCU DJ and the music director for the radio station, music makes up a large part of sophomore Trixie Yoo’s life. In fact, Yoo is downright passionate about music. Her voice quickens as she struggles to stay in her seat whenever she speaks about the importance of music.

“I love music because you can convey information of many forms across time, language, locale, etc. When you listen to Otis Redding, for example, his voice and his emotions reach your core, and you feel his energy there with you in the room,” Yoo said. 

“I think music is one of those rare things that can touch upon so many different aspects of your being; music offers an outlet for feelings one can never properly articulate, it can create an entirely new headspace for the listener, it can amplify emotions, it can highlight feelings within an individual that they never knew they had.”

Her favorite part about music might be the moment she finds the perfect song. That ‘ah’ moment when everything just fits.  

“Another part of music that I love endlessly is the feeling of being outside my body that only comes with the right song. Everyone knows that feeling when the right song comes around: when you can sense every cell in your body and experience every emotion at once. That is a feeling I’m constantly chasing,” Yoo said.

Yoo’s other main passion is learning, particularly English.

“I literally just love learning new things for three reasons: 1) all knowledge connects with every other type of knowledge at all times; 2) it helps with trivia; 3) trivia helps with social interactions,” Yoo said, laughing at the end.  “I am majoring in English because it is fun. The work for my [concentration] requirements does not often feel like a burden. Reading also helps with trivia.”

Before starting college, Yoo had planned on being a geology concentrator.  However, having Professor Ben Child as an advisor for her first-year (FSEM) seminar led her to changing course.

“[Professor] Child was my advisor since freshman year because he taught my FSEM. When the time came for me to declare my major, I chose him to be my advisor because he is like the smartest person I’ve ever met, and he has given me more support than I perhaps deserve in all of my endeavors throughout the past two years. Freshman year was a nightmare for me, as I’m sure it was for many others, and Child was a professor who really reminded me that I was deserving and capable of success at Colgate,” Yoo said. 

You can catch Yoo on her radio shows “That’s Showbiz” Wednesdays, from 11 p.m. to midnight, and “60’s at 6” on Fridays at 6 p.m.