Athlete Spotlight: Ashlynne Rando ’16

Athlete Spotlight: Ashlynne Rando 16

Hometown: Sugarland, Texas

Concentration: Undeclared

Why Ashlynne? Ashlynne is the women’s starting goalie and has played a crucial componet in the team’s recent success. In their dominate 6-1 win over Princeton last week, she saved 18 shots. She saved 33, a career high, the next game against Quinnipiac.

MN: How does it feel to have quickly advanced to be your team’s starting goalie as a first year?

AR: It’s an honor to be here, playing at this level is all I have ever dreamed of. Coming in with a new coach I wasn’t quite sure what my role was going to be. That being said, growing up I was taught to play my hardest day in and day out. I think with this mindset the rest fell into place. There is definitely pressure, and I know I have to continue to work hard, but as a team we’re on the rise to greatness and I am just so happy to be a helping piece of that puzzle.

MN: You recently had a career high saves in a period against Quinnipiac, how do these sort of personal

records impact you?

AR: This season has had many firsts for me. Looking back, I am pleased with that statistic, but for me it’s more about the outcome. My job is to keep my team in a position to win every game, so even though it was a personal record I’m more focused on stopping the next shot to keep my team within winning distance.

MN:How do you hope to grow in the next three years given all the success you’ve had this year?

AR: The next three years are going to be exciting for sure. Our program is going to be very competitive and I am more than excited to be part of that positive change. I personally hope to anchor the team to four playoff runs. I actually don’t focus on the success I have had. I know it’s there and what not, but I know I have to consistently play at a high. For me to do this I forget the last game and focus on the here and now and what I need to do to gain a win. Everyone on the team has their role, and when we all execute it’s a team victory, not a personal victory.

MN: What do you expect from the ECAC playoffs at the end of this month?

AR: The ECAC playoffs are at the end of the month, but the road to playoffs start with our next game. I know I can’t get focused on the final result, but we will be a playoff team. We work hard, and I cannot wait to see it pay off. When we play our best we can beat anyone. It’s very exciting to be in this position. We control our own destiny and everything we do day in and day out is fixated on making playoffs.

MN:What has been your fondest memory of

this season? 

AR: Wow, this season has been remarkable. I think my fondest memory was when we beat No. 2 Clarkson in their arena. We were firing on all cylinders. Senior Jenna Klynstra and I actually made a deal that I’d take care of my net if she took care of the other net, and that night is exactly what we did. Everyone on the team was out to win, and we knew we weren’t going to leave without two points. It’s just a great feeling after nights like those.

MN: What’s it like to be part of a varsity team, on and off the ice?

AR: To be part of a varsity team is unreal. I came into college half way across the country and knew that I would have 22 familiar faces right off the bat. As the season and year progressed these girls became my family, and I know whatever happens they’ll

always have my back and I’ll have theirs.

Interview by Belle Stepien