Designer Drugs Throws Down at the Palace

Jackson Leeds

Designer Drugs performed at the Palace Theater last Fri-day night. The event was co-sponsored by the Student Com-mittee On Providing Entertainment (SCOPE), Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) and Protoculture. Besides Fred Falke performing at Beta Beach last month, this has been one of the only electronic music events at Colgate this semester.

Designer Drugs is composed of two DJs from Brooklyn, N.Y. They have been performing in the underground elec-tronic music scene for more than a decade now, producing music under the Sex Cult Records label. The music that they have produced themselves is quite dark, especially compared to most mainstream electronic music. Michael Vincent Pat-rick, half of the duo, said that they have traveled approxi-mately 300,000 miles over the past year, with tour stops all over the world.

The night started out slow, but Designer Drugs turned things up with their set of electro, dubstep, hip-hop and trap. It was quite impressive to watch them DJ, seeing as they both work simultaneously. You can tell by watching them that they are no strangers to the art of mixing live. They also did a great job of engaging the audience, which was hesitant to get close to the stage at first.

Designer Drugs incorporated a lot of variety into their set, with everything from Major Lazer to remixes of Kanye West. To describe their overall sound, one could say it was much closer to a dirty, wobbly sound, like that of Skrillex, as op-posed to the clean, progressive house sound that one would expect from an artist like Avicii.

With the great success of this concert, hopefully the Colgate community will continue to bring other electronic artists to campus.

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