What’s Left: Democratic Diversity Dies in New Hampshire

After a political fiasco in the Iowa caucus, expectations for the New Hampshire primary were at an all time high, and it is safe to say that they did not disappoint. Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary with 25.7 percent of the vote, Pete Buttigieg came in second place with 24.4 percent and Amy Klobuchar came in third place with 19.8 percent. Joe Biden was nowhere to be found, both physically and in the results. Since he was so confident of his loss, he left for South Carolina. He came in fifth with 8.4 percent of the vote. Senator Elizabeth Warren also did very poorly, finishing in fourth place with 9.2 percent of the vote, which was rather shocking considering her positioning as the female Bernie without the tainted socialist label. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Michael Bennet and Deval Patrick dropped out. Don’t know who they are? Don’t worry, I don’t know either. Also, Andrew Yang dropped out, making the primary a whole lot whiter, and a lot less mathematical. (#RIPYangGang #palegang).  

Previous candidates have argued that the election financing system is the biggest impediment to candidates of color, but maybe there is a more insidious reason behind this. Maybe America’s political landscape is too racist to elect another person of color.  The election of a man as racist as President Trump sent shock waves through the nation, and the rise in xenophobic behavior and nationalist movements across the country may have had its impact on the Democratic Party. 

Oh, and as a small afterthought, mini Mike Bloomberg, the richer and just as sexist billionaire, is still in the race. Don’t believe he’s sexist? Is it starting to sound like I’m a Bernie Bro? Let’s see what you think about this beautiful “progressive” quote: a woman in his company told him that she was pregnant and that she had to stop working for him. In response, lil’ Mike answered, “kill it,” according to Michael Kranish of The Washington Post. Ever heard of pro choice mini Mike? When people said that the Democrats need their own Donald Trump, they weren’t speaking literally. We do not need another billionaire, who as of last year, supported stop and frisk.

Maybe less shockingly so, the Democratic Party establishment and liberal media continues to show its “impartiality” for who gets to be the nominee. Bernie Sanders had a huge win in New Hampshire, yet some “impartial” news sites chose to emphasize the second place and third place wins instead of the first place… In fact, impartial news sites like MSNBC argued that the third place is key and that Klobuchar’s third place was more important than Bernie Sanders’ first place finish. There were multiple posts on Twitter that physically chose to ignore the winner altogether, arguing that if you add up the votes from Klobuchar and Buttigieg, Bernie didn’t win. I’m not a mathematical expert, or any sort of expert, but that is not how elections work. The Democratic Party should embrace the fact that Bernie Sanders seems to be the frontrunner and I don’t think that is going to change any time soon. 

A repeat of 2016, in terms of party divisions and in-fighting, would be devastating for the election of ANY Democratic nominee to the presidency. Especially with the current state of the union, we cannot afford a repeat of 2016. So unless you want to wear one of those stupid red hats, I would start getting used to the idea that Bernie Sanders is here to stay, and maybe that is not the worst thing in the world. Even Donald Trump acknowledges that he is the frontrunner now. Bernie Sanders has one thing that many, if not all politicians do not have—consistency (please clap). 

We are all tired of lies, of empty promises, of stirring up anger for political points. We have to let this race run its course, we cannot predict the future, we have to let the people decide who is the best nominee to destroy Donald Trump. But hey, according to our current president, I’m just another “Bad Hombre,” so maybe take my advice with a grain of salt.