The Swinging ‘Gates Serenade Donovan’s



Cambria Litsey

Last Wednesday, Donovan’s Pub was packed with more than just late-night dinners. Colgate’s all-female a cappella group, The Swinging ‘Gates, performed one of their final concerts of the year, showcasing the talent of their junior members who will be leading the group next year.

To start off the concert, the ensemble sang their usual “Pitchpipe” before featuring several junior soloists throughout the rest of their set. Junior Amanda Griffiths started out with a hint of country twang in her rendition of The Wreckers’s “Leave the Pieces” and was followed by junior Samantha Weiss’s soulful performance of the Indigo Girls’s “Galileo.” Juniors Erika Fritz fol-lowed with “Weakness” and Amelia Tidona sang Fleetwood Mac favorite “Landslide.” Rounding off the ‘Gates’s half of the night was junior Ilona Haidvogel singing “Wonder” and sophomore Kelly Curtis’s rendition of retro favorite “Be My Baby.”

The theme of the night, the ‘Gates proclaimed, was “songs about loving boys who don’t love us back.” However, while the ‘Gates may have been feeling sad that they couldn’t be accompa-nied by their usual partners, Colgate’s all-male a cappella group The Colgate Thirteen, they were feeling the love from special guests the Meddiebempsters, an all-male a cappella group hailing from Bowdoin College. They, too, performed an assortment of tunes, including a favorite of the Colgate Thirteen, “Goodbye My Coney Island Baby” and the “Lolly-Pop Remix.”

“I thought it was great,” said first-year Caitlin Sakrison. “For such a small group they did a great job covering all vocal ranges. I also thought the Meddiebempster’s dancing and singing was pretty hilarious.”

This collaboration between two a cappella groups from different schools was great to see, and I know I wouldn’t mind seeing more of the Meddiebempsters in the future.

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