Colgate Couture Spring Transition

Colgate Couture Spring Transition

Spring Textures

If you haven’t noticed the 1000 degree weather, spring has come and it’s time for some adjustments to our daily wear. Besides simply wearing clothes that cover less of your body, we highly suggest changing up your typical dark, neutral textures this season.

Bold Prints

We really feel as though you should go for a nice, bold print this season. On larger scales and in brighter colors, designers are using bolder prints than we are used to. These can look great on little jackets or tanks, or even on larger pieces like dresses. I’m sure we all know about floral prints in the spring, but designers have also been featuring more radical prints. Bolder options, like camouflage and futuristic prints, have been involved. We’re all about mixing prints, but these are certainly not subtle enough to rock two at once. So don’t. You might think you’re Rihanna, but I doubt it.


Another daring move would be to break out some metallic this spring. I know you might be afraid you’ll look like a weirdo, but if you purchase clas-sic pieces, like wrap skirts or slim-fitting pants, you won’t. And we would tell you. Metallic will add a new twist to these classic pieces that you already know and love. For a subtler metallic, we love shiny bronze. But if you really want to go for it, we certainly don’t hate some emerald with sheen.


You probably go to Colgate, so you know what this means. If you’re not down for some sheen (something we totally un-derstand), pastels are a much subtler way to show you’re aware that winter has, indeed, ended. Although pastels are an easy way to look dainty and feminine, we don’t discourage our loy-al male readers from partaking as well. In some banana yellow chinos and a pale pink button down, no one will question your masculinity.


Not sure of seersucker’s status on the runway this season, but we don’t care. Blazer, shorts, we don’t have a preference – just be enthusiastic that seersucker season has finally come around again. It doesn’t even wrinkle!


Let’s take a moment to say goodbye to some of our favorite winter textures. The corduroys and wool must go away. It’s sad, we know, be-cause they have treated us so well and we don’t want to seem ungrate-ful, but we will suffer heatstroke in addition to having people think we’re psychopaths if we continue wearing them for much longer. But please, don’t put away the cashmere. Investigate varying ply, but don’t turn your back on a friend.

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