In The Light: Sarah Lemon

“I feel like I lead a balanced life,” senior Sarah Lemon said.

Lemon strikes a balance with a diz­zying array of passionate pursuits. This geology major and English minor was born in Kitchener Waterloo, Canada, but has lived the majority of her life in Phoenix, Arizona. She is a Member of Parliament for the Colgate Geological Society, served for three semesters as the president of the Colgate Newman Com­munity, dances for ballroom dancing and Fuse, sings for the Concert Choir and builds sets for University Theater.

“I like to go around being awesome,” Lemon responded when asked what she likes to do at Colgate.

As a geology major, Lemon has a hard fired passion for rocks. Geology falls in line with several pursuits that Lemon enjoys for the satisfaction of getting something tangible from the work she puts into them.

“I like [the opportunity] to make things,” she said. “It is very satisfying at the end of the day to have actually accom­plished something that I can see and touch with my hands.”

Doing and making at Colgate has also been seasoned with spirituality. Lemon participated for three years on the Board of the Newman Roman Catholic Com­munity where she served as the president for three semesters.

“At Newman, you feel like you’re at home and with family,” she said.

Another source of happiness for her has come through the arts. This Concert Choir singer and English minor (who is effusive about her love of Shakespeare) also spends much of her time dancing.

“What excites me about dance is that you get to express yourself through dancing, express yourself in a way that isn’t possible with words. You can tell a story through dance,” Lemon said.

Bringing it all back home, a busy life at Colgate for Sarah Lemon has been defined by her friendships. She has loved getting to know the Colgate faculty, especially the family of University Chaplain and Catholic Campus Minister Mark Shiner and Associ­ate Professor of Psychology Rebecca Shiner who she felt has been a second family to her in her time here. She adores her friends that she lives with at the Loj House, spent her summers with as she did research over the summer at Colgate or met through student groups on campus. For Lemon, Colgate has been about finding a balance and finding the right balance has allowed her to bring many great things into her life.