Hip-Hop Hits the Barge A New Twist on Coffeehouse Music

Hip-Hop Hits the Barge A New Twist on Coffeehouse Music

Saturday, February 4 was a night of untraditional music at the Barge Canal Coffee Co. The coffee shop hosted a well-attended night of hip-hop music, with musicians performing both remixed versions of songs and acoustic covers. Senior Andy Peng emceed the event.

Several members of Broad Street Records, an SGA-recognized group whose aim is to “serve as a conduit between student groups and on-campus artists and bands, both to help groups find musicians for their events and to help bands find performance opportunities,” according to the group’s Blogspot website, appeared on Saturday. Other Colgate students unaffiliated with Broad Street Records performed during the night, too.

Musicians performed a combination of remixed and acoustic versions of hip-hop songs. Both well-known and obscure as well as older and newer songs were performed throughout the night using a variety of instruments.

Judy Schenk, manager of the Barge, expressed appreciation for the Barge’s ability to host music nights.

“The Barge has a great atmosphere in general, but it really changes from day to night,” Schenk said. “I think it’s great that Colgate students, professors, high school students and other members of the Hamilton community members can all come together to enjoy a night of music.”

The Barge is a unique place simply in its existence, in addition to its organized events.

“I think the community is really lucky to have someplace like the Barge,” Schenk continued. “The vast majority of towns don’t have a place like this. Not only do we offer a nice atmosphere, but also community events that are appealing to a lot of people. It’s a truly unique place.”

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