In The Light: Annie Johnson

Senior Annie Johnson, the administrative leader of Colgate’s all-female a capella group, the Swinging ‘Gates, has helped the group to hit the right note in the Colgate community. The art history and English double major and native of Greenwich, CT, joined the group during her first year and has been an important member ever since. During her sophomore year, Johnson began to take on a leadership role in the group. She says her responsibilities were just “the little things,” such as designing the Swinging ‘Gates’s CD cover, acting as the January tour manager, scheduling concerts and soliciting venues. During the spring semester of her junior year, Johnson studied abroad in the London

English study group and thus “had less of a leadership position,” but remained involved with the ‘Gates. Now as administrative leader, Johnson is “in charge of all organizational aspects, like taking attendance, scheduling concerts, contacting the CD recorder.” Johnson is also tasked with organizing open concerts and reaching out to past members, which she describes as “another great dimension of the group…I’ve been able to interact with a lot of alumni.” As of her time with the ‘Gates, Johnson says, “It’s great seeing people in the audiences and in tailgates. We have a close relationship with Colgate…like

on Valentine’s Day, we serenade people. It’s one of those groups where everyone knows who the Swinging ‘Gates are and it’s something they’re excited about.” Johnson’s involvement in the Colgate community doesn’t end there. She is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, which was “a big part of my life last year as vice president.” Her sophomore year was spent working in an art gallery and tutoring at Madison Central, as well. Although she has added a lot to the Colgate community, Johnson says that Colgate has played a significant role in her life, as well. “I’ve grown a lot and gained a lot of experience from being in the classroom and outside of it… I’ve become more confident,”

Johnson said. After graduation, Johnson hopes to get involved with an art-related career. “Possibly in an auction house of a museum… in my mind, I’m still a freshman and have

three years to decide,” Johnson said.