In The Light: Mitch Waxman

Senior Mitch Waxman came to Colgate wanting to leave his mark on the university. The San Francisco na­tive is a sociology major and writing and rhetoric minor and participates in various activities on campus, ensuring that his legacy will remain even after he graduates.

Waxman is currently on the com­mittee that will hire the Dean of Stu­dents, along with three other students, plus four members of both the faculty and staff.

“Being on this committee is an ac­complishment of which I’m proud, because I wanted to leave my im­print,” Waxman said. “I want to leave the school better than it was when I got here.”

Waxman has also been a Link for the past three years.

“The Link program has changed every year,” Waxman said. “It’s been great to be part of it for so long.”

Additionally, Waxman is a member of Konosioni, the senior honor society whose members are chosen through exemplary leadership on campus.

Waxman is also a brother of Phi Kappa Tau fraternity, which has be­come a large part of his college expe­rience. He also writes weekly sports spotlights for the Maroon-News.

In addition, he is the treasurer of the Senior Class Council and served as its president last spring. The Coun­cil organizes social events and other activities to bring the senior class to­gether prior to graduation. For exam­ple, they most recently had a first-year dormitory reunion.

Waxman is currently writing his thesis, in which he is studying the drinking culture at Colgate using data collected through a survey of stu­dents. He is also interviewing with consulting firms on the East Coast for a job opportunity, though he ulti­mately plans to go to graduate school and move back to the West Coast.

Now looking to the future, Wax­man still has advice to offer other students on campus: try to leave their own stamp.

“Colgate is special because it allows students the ability to be involved in so many different ways,” Waxman said. “Even if you’ve been here for a while, you can find an opportunity everywhere to get involved.”

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