Colgate Couture: Blazer Sharp

As the season turns colder, it’s tempting to throw on a pair of sweatpants and beloved Ugg boots and call it an outfit. Sure, I’ve done it before. It was during a dark time for me – let’s call it “freshman year.” What a lot of people don’t realize is that it’s pretty easy to be stylish while keeping warm. The answer, my friends, is the blazer.

The blazer is an incredibly versatile piece that can be worn to class as well as out on the town (or in our case, village). It possesses the amazing ability to dress up certain outfits while making others less formal. It’s the perfect piece for the changing seasons when you’re not quite ready for a heavy jacket but you need something to keep you from freezing in the unpredictable fall weather. In short, the blazer is magic.

Unfortunately, there are still some out there who don’t believe in the miracle-inducing properties of the blazer. They think that blazers are lim­ited to preppies and business students. But believe me, they’re not. Blazers have moved beyond just certain styles of dress to transcend into all catego­ries. This is because there is a wide range of styles when it comes to this look – boyfriend, tuxedo, double-breasted, you name it – it exists as a blazer.

A good boyfriend blazer is one of the most popular styles available right now. It’s all about proportions with the boy­friend blazer. This loose-fitting piece, cut to make it look like you stole it from your beau’s wardrobe, looks best when paired with more tailored pieces. Skinny jeans, knit dresses and femi­nine blouses all work wonderfully with this cut. For a more ca­sual look, try cuffing the sleeves to show off the interior pattern or scrunching them up to above your elbows for an effortlessly chic result.

After dominating the spring runways of Diane Von Furstenberg, Philip Lim and Michael Kors, the colored blazer is everywhere, com­ing in a rainbow assortment of unexpected colors from tangerine to cobalt. Silence & Noise offers a great blazer for $78 through Urban Outfitters. The style combines two trends – the boyfriend cut and bright colors, offered in eight different colors including sky blue, dusty rose, yellow gold and fire engine red.

While colored blazers are great statement-makers, monochro­matic styles are essentials for every girl’s wardrobe. Perfect to top off any outfit, a black blazer adds an almost impossible combina­tion of polish and edge to an outfit. Style icons from Gwyneth Paltrow to Kate Moss rely on a black blazer to complete their look. The website ASOS offers dozens of different styles in a wide range of prices for a girl to find her perfect cut of black blazer. While the black blazer has a bit of rock ‘n’ roll edge to it, the white blazer adds a freshness and instant chic to any outfit. Is it any surprise that Gwyneth Paltrow often wears this style as well? The maven of blazers often wears this jacket with light wash skinny jeans or cigarette pants and a simple white blouse. The designer Olivia Moon offers a great cropped three-quarter-length sleeve blazer for $88 through Nordstrom.

School-inspired blazers are always a favorite of mine – I break out my high school blazer from time to time; it’s forest green with our school crest on it, prominently displaying a unicorn, our official mascot. If unicorns aren’t your thing, it’s no trouble. Whether a simple navy blazer or one with a crest emblazoned on the pocket, this schoolboy look is always in style. J.Crew offers a line of schoolboy blazers in a range of styles and materials. Whether striped, plaid, velvet or wool, this bestseller from the legendarily preppy clothing label is an all-time favorite for fans of the company.

It doesn’t matter the cut or color of the style you try, but do invest in this style signature.

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