5 Minutes With… David Long, ’12

How was your weekend?

It was a lot of fun. My parents came for their seventh and final Parents’ Weekend at Colgate. We went to the Swinging ‘Gates and Colgate Thirteen a cappella concert on Friday. That Enrique CuUnjieng sure does have a majestic voice…

On Saturday, my fraternity Phi Delta Theta hosted a brunch for the families of brothers with delicious food. Vic’s family came for the brunch as well, and we had a short ceremony afterwards to spread some of his ashes at the house. It was beautiful.

How many nights of Halloween did you celebrate?

I celebrated two nights of Halloween this year; neither of which actually fell on Hal­loween, although the Flex room was quite lively that night. I never ended up getting any candy, though.

What were your costumes?

On Friday night, I was dressed as El General Generalissimo Sam Diaz – Polo, khakis, some sweet Nike Dunks and a good ol’ pair of croakies. Saturday night, I sang my heart out as the fourteenth member of The Colgate Thirteen.

Do you have any special talents?

I know how to methylate an alkaloid.

Favorite color?

I have two: argent and azure.

What’s the last adventure you went on?

The last adventure I went on was down to Annapolis for my brother’s wedding. He and his wife are both Colgate ’09 grad­uates. It was a great weekend; I love catch­ing up with cousins and other relatives I don’t see too often. I have the craziest of crazy uncles, too.

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