In The Light: Jack Daly

Stephanie Jenks

For senior Jack Daly, dance has al­ways been a large part of his experience at Colgate.

“I can be having the most awful day ever, but then I dance, teach or choreo­graph for even just an hour and leave feeling so energized,” the senior explained.

Naturally, Daly will never forget the ex­citement of performing in Dancefest every semester that he has been at Colgate.

“I love performing in front of people and the adrenaline rush associated with it,” Daly commented.

The senior from Bedford, New Hamp­shire is currently the leader of Colgate Ballroom Dancers. Daly is also involved in a variety of other activities, as he sits on the University Student Conduct Board, plays club tennis and is the leader of the Center for Outreach, Volunteerism and Educa­tion’s (COVE) program, Colgate Hunger Outreach Program (CHOP), a direct vol­unteerism program that deals with issues related to hunger. He was also previously involved with the Office of Residential Life for two and a half years.

The mathematical economics major spent the Spring semester of his junior year abroad in London, which presented him with a number of new opportunities.

“It’s definitely one of the best experi­ences I’ve had. I traveled with a group of new people and met people I never would have met before in a cool city,” he said.

Daly can easily be described as motivated, friendly and hardworking.

“I always do the best job that I can and always try to be there for other people. I love getting to know people,” the senior said.

Daly’s advice easily stems from his own experiences at Colgate.

“Step out of your comfort zone. Al­though it may make you feel good to play it safe, ultimately it’s not the most rewarding experience,” Daly suggested. “If you can push yourself, try something new. You might fall flat on your face, but other times you might do something that you never would have thought you would be doing,” he added.

After graduation, Daly would like to enter the workforce, specifically within finance, and hopes to attend graduate school sometime in the future.

“If I could also teach dance, I would be the happiest person ever,” Daly added.

For now, the senior wants to enjoy what he has left of his time at Colgate as much as possible.

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