A Night to Remember: First Open Mic Night of the Year


Open Mic Night has been a favorite tradition of both Col­gate students and Hamiltonians alike. Taking place the first Fri­day of every month, it has constantly drawn in a huge audience as well as diverse, eager performers. On Friday, September 2, The Barge Canal Coffee Co. hosted its first Open Mic Night of the 2011-2012 school year.

The atmosphere was very relaxed, and the variety of musical performances was absolutely astounding. Those who displayed their talents at The Barge ranged from a father and son pair to Colgate students. Performances contained original works as well as many contemporary songs and poetry. There were even some folk songs from the UK featured.

While many musicians played the acoustic guitar, some played the keyboard and other instruments as well – not to mention the impeccable vocal ability of all who sang. There was also a variety of different tempos of music played, rang­ing from upbeat tunes to more somber ones.

A very special performance by junior Dagan Rossini and senior Alex Boyd took place to honor the memory of late senior Victor Krivitski. Ros­sini and Boyd did a very in­spiring and soulful duet cover of a Mumford and Sons song. Many of Vic’s friends and classmates came to Open Mic Night to show their support.

After finishing his performance, Rossini stated that, “Vic was a great inspiration on campus” and that he was a “swell guy overall.”

Rossini also added that it has become a “tradition that he perform at Open Mic Night as often as possible” and that Open Mic Night is a “great community event that showcases what Hamilton has to offer.”

It appeared that the Hamiltonians were very excited to have students back at The Barge after this summer, and it can defi­nitely be said that The Barge is a great example of the many forms of positive interaction between Hamilton residents and Colgate students.

Sophomore Lizzy Blanchet said that she “was very im­pressed with how both local talent and Colgate talent were represented and with the as­sortment of music types that were present at the event.”

At this Open Mic Night, Hamilton’s vast creative abilities became exceedingly clear to all in attendance. Each week, admis­sion is free and the Barge food, desserts and drinks are arguably just as pleasing as watching the perfrormances themselves.

Each performer was allot­ted a 15-minute time slot and performed approximately three songs on average.

It is without a doubt that many will be looking forward to next month’s Open Mic Night.

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