In The Light: Terica Adams



Stephanie Jenks

For senior Terica Adams, a busy sched­ule is just part of a normal day. Hailing from Fairfax, Virginia, she involved herself in a multitude of activities from the start, spanning all of her diverse interests.

The international relations and psy­chology double major followed her pas­sion for dancing by joining the Colgate Ballet Company in her first year and con­tinues to choreograph for the Caribbean Student Association.

Being involved in a variety of dance op­portunities, it is no surprise that Adams’s favorite memory at Colgate is her first Dancefest.

“Although I have done recitals and shows before, I’ve never performed on such a huge scale. Just being in a space where everyone wants to see you perform and having your friends in the crowd is truly amazing,” Adams recounted.

The senior is also a leader of Center for Outreach, Volunteerism and Educa­tion (COVE)’s The Network, which rais­es awareness for domestic violence and sexual assault.

“I think that the COVE groups are a really amazing aspect of Colgate that everyone should be involved in in some capacity. It makes you aware of things you necessarily don’t deal with on a daily basis, but are still very important issues,” Adams explained.

When she isn’t busy with her afore­mentioned activities, Adams works as a Senior Admission Intern and is also a member of Konosioni.

Based on her own experience, Adams recommends that all students get involved.

“Go to random things you thought you would never be interested in. You might find a new passion that develops you as a person, and you get to meet more people that way,” Adams said.

After graduation, Adams looks forward to fulfilling a variety of dreams. The senior’s ultimate goal has been to be a diplomat, but immediately after graduation, Adams is thinking of joining the Peace Corps.

With just two semesters left as a Colgate student, Adams has done a lot of reflecting on her time at Colgate.

“On a day-to-day basis, it doesn’t feel any different than from other years. When I actu­ally think about it, it’s bittersweet because I’ve had an absolutely amazing time at Colgate and don’t want to leave,” she explained. “As I think more about plans after graduation, I want to make a tangible change in the world and I can’t do that while I’m still at school.”


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