Roxanne Stone

Roxanne Stone

As the Chartwell’s Controller, Roxanne Stone primarily handles the financial end of Colgate’s Dining Services, but after 31 years of working at Colgate, she has done much more.

“I came here in 1988, so I was 16 and started working part-time, just on weekends. Then as I stayed here, I just slowly started doing all sorts of different jobs all the way up,” Stone said. “I did the catering, a little bit of everything. Eventually, I ended up being the production manager with ordering and taking care of all of that, and then eventually this position opened up and I took over the controller position.”

While she may go unseen in the offices of Frank Dining Hall, Stone currently plays a large role in placing the orders for dining services. 

“Last year I helped with sustainability,” Stone said. “I had three students that I worked with in helping get information for them on what we do for sustainability for local foods and how much we purchase because I do deal a lot with that… [We] try to purchase as much as possible that we can get locally and offer here.” 

One part of her time at Colgate that Stone has enjoyed is interacting with students, whether working alongside them or helping with reports.

“I have had many interactions with students just because I used to help with catering, and back when I started here, we had many, many students that worked here. I pretty much worked with all of the students and it was a lot of fun,” Stone said. “I love it when [students] come and ask me to do anything, like if I can help them with reports or finding information for them.”

Outside of Frank Dining Hall, Stone enjoys running and participating in races.

“I was into doing a lot of 5Ks and different races like that, then we started doing the Mud Run and the Warrior and the Tough Mudder and the Spartan, so I kind of went through and did each one of those,” Stone said. “Now, I don’t do as many races anymore but I still love to run, it’s just a nice getaway,  relaxing therapy for me.”

Despite Stone’s long tenure with Colgate Dining Services, her favorite memory was easy to recall.

“I think it was on my 30th birthday, and they had somehow set up where the Colgate 13 came in and surprised me and sang to me with quite a few songs. That was really, really nice,” Stone said.