Marie and the Nutcracker Prince Breadcrumbs Production

One of the biggest names in theater is visiting Hamilton at the Arts at the Palace located on Utica Street on Saturday, December 14 at 7:00 p.m. Known for their innovative takes on classic musicals, the company Breadcrumbs Productions will be performing an immersive audience re-telling of Marie and the Nutcracker Prince. 

Breadcrumbs Productions, a company based in Syracuse, is committed to helping local artists create sustainable and fulfilling careers. Through professional training, resource sharing and networking, Breadcrumbs is devoted to developing artists’ talents and sharing them with the local community. 

Through contemporary movement, music and soundscape, the story of E.T.A. Hoffman’s Nutcracker will be seen like never before. With unique lighting and staging that uses all three floors of the Palace Theater, audience members will be transported in Marie’s world of dizzying love, betrayal and complicated family relationships. As Marie explores this new magical world, audience members are invited to explore alongside her—discovering hidden scenes and clues around the theater. This site-specific performance will be utilizing all areas of the theater, and comfortable walking shoes are recommended. Through this adaptive performance style, the company aims to bring each individual audience member on their own unique journey. 

Arts at the Palace has been bringing to life amazing shows like Marie and the Nutcracker Prince as a non-profit since 2015. Dedicated to promoting an innovative and inclusive experience for all, Arts at the Palace Theater encourages involvement from the surrounding community and Colgate students. In these past four years, Arts at the Palace has transformed this historic site into a home for local, regional and national performing artists. While the Theater showcases of all kinds of programs, events such as Jazz at Noon and From Script to Stage are among their most popular performances. 

Most recently, Arts at the Palace launched a wildly successful  Summer Youth Theater Camp that will be returning this summer with even more opportunities. The success of Arts at the Palace truly comes from the support of the Hamilton community. With the upcoming Nutcracker performance and many more, Arts at the Palace hopes to further strengthen the collaboration and connection with Hamilton and Colgate Students. Arts at the Palace always welcomes involvement from Colgate students, either by using the space for events or acting on their Board of Directors.

For information about upcoming performances or for interest in collaborating with Arts at the Palace, please visit Tickets for Marie and the Nutcracker Prince are twenty dollars and can be purchased at