April Fool’s One Night Stand



Masque and Triangle’s final One Night Stand of the year was held at 94 Broad on Friday, April 1. Perfectly fitting with the light­hearted mood of a day devoted to pranks, three short skits and two monologues were di­rected and performed by Colgate students. It was a small and intimate setting, and all of the performers appeared excited to perform and to cheer on their fellow actors and actresses as the show began.

The first short skit, entitled “Zinger vs. Burns,” was directed by first-year Jessica Hall. The skit was originally from Saturday Night Live (SNL) and contained a hilarious show­down between Dr. Zinger and Dr. Burns. The performance starred first-years Pablo Sasso and Jake Sapon as the two doctors, re­spectively. It also featured sophomore Kelsie Anson as the head scientist Sheila, who tries to mediate the conflict. All three roles in the performance were executed extremely well.

The second skit, which is also from SNL, was entitled “Not for Ladies Only.” Di­rected by sophomore Halley Goldman, the skit starred sophomore Ellen Hill as Barbara Wawa and first-year Laura Arboleda as Mar­lene Dietrich. In the skit, Hill and Arboleda’s characters could not understand each other during an interview due to a speech impedi­ment in which they pronounced their “r’s” as “w’s”. Both actresses managed to master this challenge of speaking differently and never broke character.

First-year Jenny Bergman directed two monologues. The first was an SNL mono­logue called “Tressant Supreme.” The skit starred first-year Lauren Tuttle who played an interviewer raving about her hair product to the audience. The other monologue that Bergman directed was “Smartness, A Fed Up Pessimist View” by Xiaoqi Li. First-year Tori Desranleau played a smart Magnet School attendee sharing various insights into how her life was unlike that of a normal carefree teenager. Both actresses gave flawless perfor­mances and attained rapturous applause from the audience.

The final short skit was directed by soph­omore Nadya Greenberg. Also from SNL, “Greenbriar County Animal Rescue Shelter” was performed by first-year Mary Rose Devine and sophomore Denny Gonzalez. The scene was set up like a commercial, in which the owners of the animal rescue shelter advertised all of the potential pets in a positive light, ex­cept for one dog who they repeatedly denoted as significantly worse than all of the others. This play was also hysterically funny and was performed well.

The performers received the scripts around 5 p.m., only two hours before the show went up. However, this time con­straint was not apparent upon viewing the production.

All involved had a great time as shown by Tuttle who stated how she, “loves Masque and Triangle and all the people involved in it.” She noted how participating in the One Night Stand was a, “small time commitment but extremely fun.”

First-year Tori Desranleau said, “[The One Night Stands are] always a surprise be­cause you never know what you are going to do.” Desranleau added that the experience was “extremely enjoyable.”

The final One Night Stand of the year was a true success and a lot of fun for all of the audience members and actors.