13 Beats for the Week (4/14)

1. “Come on Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners

So this song might be a little ridiculous, but I have to admit … I love it. It’s fun. Whether it comes on when you’re driving, hanging out or even going out, this song is a hard one not to sing along to.

2. “Notorious B.I.G. – Party and Bullshit” by Ratatat

Don’t try to tell me that remixing Biggie is blasphemy. I know that there are some rap pur­ists out there, but this is by far one of the best remixes I’ve heard. Ratatat does it right with all of their hip-hop remixes, but this one’s my favorite.

3. “45:33” by LCD Soundsystem

I mean the whole thing. As the name suggests, this song is roughly 45 minutes and 33 seconds long. That may sound tedious, but if you manage to listen to all six tracks in a row, you get the effect that LCD Soundsystem intended. Each segment has a different feel and they all fit together seamlessly.

4. “Intervention” by Arcade Fire

It’s hard to organize seven people to do anything effectively, let alone make music. Arcade Fire has been making it work for years. The mix of instruments is perfect.

5. “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi” by Radiohead

Relaxing at first, but it builds up. The two parts have their distinct sounds, but they work nicely together to balance the song.

6. “Hold On” by Hot Chip

Hot Chip definitely does synth-based music right. Combined with the very different sound of Alexis Taylor’s vocals, their music just works. They’re consistently catchy and fun per­formers, even touring internationally with their much-anticipated album One Life Stand last year, despite the fact that the band is essentially a group of groovy dads.

7. “Slow Show” by The National

This is one of my absolute favorite songs by The National. The overall sound and vulner­able lyrics just work to make this one of the best tracks off their album Boxer. The verse at the end really ties it all in.

8. “Sunday” by Bloc Party

A song expressing the simplicity of being in love, which, when you think about it, is similar to the simplicity of a Sunday afternoon. It’s a ballad by Bloc Party’s standards, and a good one at that.

9. “Golden Age” by TV On the Radio

A really feel-good song. It’s catchy, the horn section fits perfectly and the whole band per­forms so well together. It’s a definite must-play for warm, bright days.

10. “Single Fins & Safety Pins” by Japanese Motors

Undeniably summery and the perfect reminder that better weather is on its way.

11. “Come Dance Wiv Me” by Dizzee Rascal feat. Calvin Harris & Chrome

Coming from the United Kindom, Dizzee’s lyrics are so different from what we’re used to hearing across the pond. It’s kind of refreshing in a strange way, but also very funny. His accent and rhythm make for a very recognizable style. Calvin Harris (who started his career with a synthesizer in his mother’s basement) being featured just makes it better.

12. “Girls to Blow” by the White Panda

In preparation for their concert tonight. Definitely one to check out for fans of Girl Talk-esque mash-ups.

13. “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” by Alan Jackson

I’m really not one for country music, but I had to include this song in the spirit of the upcoming weekend.