In The Light: Benjamin Ouriel


Senior Benjamin Ouriel has always been an integral part of the Colgate community. The political science major from Tenafly, New Jersey is currently the President of the senior class and has been involved in class council since his freshman year. Under his presidency, Ouriel organized Colgate’s first ever fall party weekend, Fall Fest, which took place last school year, and he also organized a variety of BBQs, senior pub nights and other events for the senior class this year.

During his four years, Ouriel has taken advantage of everything the Colgate com­munity has offered and he admires Colgate’s relationship with its students.

“The administration is very laissez-faire in that they encourage students to take initiative and to take responsibility for themselves. The philosophy of letting students have power is unique to Colgate,” explained Ouriel.

From his personal experience, the senior recommends that all students make the most of what Colgate has to offer.

“With all of the resources at Colgate, ev­ery student has the responsibility to explore and use what is given. There are so many faculty here who want to see you succeed, and that’s something that nobody should be taking for granted,” he said.

Ouriel studied abroad in Paris during the spring of his junior year. He described it as an “amazing experience” and enjoyed indulging in the Parisian cultural experi­ence as well as developing a solid foun­dation of friends and contacts within the European city.

After graduation, Ouriel plans to con­tinue with his passion in film and hopes to enter the film business. In fact, Ouriel cur­rently has a fellowship for a documentary film about Israeli-Arab coexistence that he spent the past two summers filming.

“This has really been the defining com­ponent of my Colgate career. Colgate has provided me with the opportunity to pursue this and it’s an essential part of what Col­gate is about, which is supporting individual dreams,” the senior said.

Although Ouriel has countless memories at Colgate, he will always remember his first day on campus. His last moment as a stu­dent on the Colgate campus will also be one to remember.

“As I drive by campus with my family on May 16, my last words will be thank you and farewell. It’s been an amazing ex­perience, but there is no use in crying over spilled milk. It’s time to set sail and use what I have developed here and continue working with that in life.”