13 Beats for the Week (3/24)


1. “Light My Way” by Hearts Under Fire

Three weeks ago, I profiled this band in an article about the underground’s next big things;

this song exemplifies the magnitude of their potential.

2. “Unwanted” by Kill Hannah

A song about all that the underground represents.

3. “Issues (Ruxpin Remix)” by Escape the Fate

The new single from one of the underground’s most prominent bands, remixed to

be dance floor-ready.

4. “Miss Delaney” by Jack’s Mannequin

I love this song. Simple as that.

5. “The Arms of Sorrow” by Killswitch Engage

One of the most moving, melodic metal songs you will ever hear.

6. “Covered in Scars” by Fall from Grace

What to do when your guitarist’s car is hit by a drunk driver, causing him to flatline for

nearly an hour? Write a song about it, of course. (The guitarist in question, by the way, was

revived and eventually made a full recovery.)

7. “They Always Come Back” by I Am Ghost

In what is something of a unique musical experiment, the theatrical goth-rockers mix

their signature dark style with unexpectedly light lyrics to impressive effect.

8. “My Boulder” by the King Blues

Bonus points for having an adorable music video.

9. “Sexual Man Chocolate” by Attack Attack!

Attack Attack!’s musical style has matured immensely since their previous album. This

stellar track off their latest shows just how far they’ve come.

10. “Hey Italy” by Halifax

A breakup song which, in a nice change of pace, mourns the loss of physicality more

than the loss of emotion.

11. “Drumming Song” by Florence + the Machine

Because, more than a month later, I’m still bitter they didn’t win the Grammy.

12. “She Only Likes Me When She’s Drunk” by Stereos

A song that most of us can relate to on some level or another.

13. “Stay Away” by Secondhand Serenade

On Secondhand’s latest album, released last summer, singer-songwriter John Vesely

proves he is capable of much more than just the acoustic ballads that gave him his start.