Konosioni Holds Kick-Off Event


Konosioni Kick-off

Elizabeth Shaw, Maroon-News Staff

The Konosioni Senior Honor Society hosted a semester Kick-Off event on November 7 from 3:00 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. in Benton Hall. The event aimed to connect the honor society with the student body and community at large by educating attendees on the values and goals of the group, as well as their current projects.Members of Konosioni 

created a faculty and staff appreciation video at the event, allowing students in attendance to film a short message thanking a faculty or staff member for their work. The event also included informational resources on Konosioni’s work alongside an array of catered food. 

The money raised from the event was donated to Konosioni’s chosen community partner for this year, the Oneida Nation. Konosioni member senior Gloria Han, who worked the donation table,  explained that each year’s community focus is voted on and the Oneida Nation got the most votes this year. Han also shared more information about the Oneida Nation. 

“They offer mental and physical health support for American Indians with roots in the area,” Han said. “I’m working with the elders program and they offer respite, grocery shop, make meals, and do housekeeping for Oneida elders. They want the elders to vote on what programs they want our help with, so we’re waiting to hear back.” 

Konosioni member senior Trey Spadone explained the aims of this year’s campaign. 

“Our two main focuses this year are the Oneida Nation and our staff,” Spadone said. “[Staff] keep our campus running and people don’t show them enough respect.” 

Spadone shared that the group plans to host an appreciation dinner for staff and their families next month, where they will screen the video filmed at the Kick-Off. 

In choosing to fundraise for the Oneida Nation, Spadone explained that Colgate stands on Oneida land and Konosioni wants their year of fundraising to acknowledge this by attempting to give back. 

Spadone said that while the group holds to its core aims, Konosioni can establish their own unique goals for the year.

“The really awesome thing about this group is that there are 26 new members every year, so even though we have the same core principles, we can establish new goals each year,” Spadone said. 

The Konosioni Co-president, senior Kiana Billot-Vasquez, shared her excitement about the event. 

“We’re mostly just excited that it’s a chance for our group to take the first step to introduce ourselves to Colgate students rather than just hearing about us through communications and outreach,” Billot-Vasquez said. 

Senior and Co-president David Little shared a similar sentiment. 

 “I don’t think [Konosioni] has had an event like this in the past, and we’re excited to showcase what we’re supporting,” Little said. 

Konosioni member senior Max Baron said he wants the group to have a more prominent impact on the Colgate community.

“We’re always striving to improve our place in the community and I think there’s a lot we can do to improve on years past,” Baron said.