Colgate Couture: Spring Accessories Report

Shopping for clothes can sometimes be very stressful. I am sure most of us have thrown our hands up in dismay and bitterly con­cluded that clothes simply were not made for the human body. Who has not experienced the unsuccessful hunt for that ever-elusive “perfect” pair of jeans or the crushing disappointment of a beautiful dress that’s back refuses to zip? It’s times like these when retail therapy can end up frustrating, ego-damaging and decid­edly untherapeutic. And, it is for this very reason that accessories are so great. Accesso­ries are the wonderful pieces in fashion that do not care if you have gained a few pounds this month or if your genetics do not have you towering at nearly 6 feet. They are simply and reliably fun. This spring season in par­ticular has some really fantastic trends and takes on warm weather accessories that will have you itching to go out and shop.

Of course, most ev­eryone’s favorite spring accessory is a nice pair of sunglasses. In the recent past, the rule for chic shades was simple: the bigger the better. This season, big is not necessarily out, but keeping your eyewear trendy and up-to-date re­quires more than just size. For Spring 2011, stylish eyewear is look­ing to the past (sorry, bad pun). Namely, 1950s and 1960s inspired glamour is at the forefront. Anna Sui and House of Harlow have both declared these eras their inspiration, while Versace has taken the idea one step further and released a line of sunglasses dedicated to Madmen‘s Betty Draper called “January J.” So what does all this mean? For one thing, the cat eye frame is back in a big way; think Audrey Hepburn’s pair in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. At first, I was unsure about this look, but I quickly realized that the shape emphasizes the cheekbones and gives the face great definition. So give it a shot, you probably will be pleasantly surprised. Also on the rise are the small, round, granny-esque frames that are often associated with Beatles phenomenon John Lennon. It is a cool, edgy style that has found its modern-day poster child in Mary-Kate Olsen. Interested in buying these looks vintage? Check out for an awesome selection.

Another exciting spring accessory is the sandal. Last season it was all about strappiness. Now, it is the platform’s time to shine. But, what makes spring 2011’s platform so special is that it flouts the traditional “heeled” style. That is, the new platforms are characterized by a highly elevated but completely flat sole, leading many fashion writers to dub them “flatforms.” This uni­form elevation of the sole gives the shoe a fabulously unique, quirky, clunky vibe. The soles are often crafted from cork, woven rope or wood. It is an interesting and exciting change of pace to say the least.

Finally, we cannot forget about the handbag. Spring 2011’s most notable contribution is in the realm of color. This season calls for a sunny orange tote. Surely, it is an unusual hue, but it definitely brightens any outfit and has a fabulous sense of seasonality.

So, go shop without anxiety; and remember, accessories are our friends.