13 Beats for the Week (3/31)

1. “French (ft. Hodgy Beats)” by Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, The Creator makes boisterous claims over a low-fi beat that shows Odd Future’s

signature style. Enjoy this one.

2. “Psychic City” by YACHT

Infectiously catchy and fun, a great song for the start of spring.

3. “Comin’ Through” by The War On Drugs

A smooth, country-like folk song that is great to listen to on a winter cruise.

4. “Under Cover of Darkness” by The Strokes

Although their album Angles may be a disappointment, the lead single certainly holds up to

the band’s name. Don’t expect the rest of the album to sound like this, though.

5. “Sunrise” by Yeasayer

Yeasayer knows how to make a great instrumental; “Sunrise” is no exception.

6. “Modern World” by Wolf Parade

An old Wolf Parade song – one of my favorites. Depressing and uplifting at the same time.

7. “Gravel Pit” by Wu-Tang Clan

The Wu is in full force on this one. Take that, B.o.B.

8. “Collapsing At Your Doorstep” by Air France

Another relaxing song that lines up well with the start of spring.

9. “Not A Robot, But A Ghost” by Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird cries his heart out in his typical mystical manner on this fun song off album

Noble Beast.

10. “Round and Round” by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

Pitchfork named this the best song of 2010. I don’t know if it holds up to that name, but

it’s a good one nonetheless.

11. “Walkabout (ft. Noah Lennox)” by Atlas Sound

Atlas Sound grabs Noah Lennox (from Animal Collective) for one of the best songs off their

album Logos.

12. “Retrosuperfuture (ft. Wiz Khalifa)” by Rick Ross

Rick Ross and Wiz Khalifa have a good time discussing their usual activities and for the

recently released video, Wale drops a guest verse.

13. “Norway” by Beach House

One of the best songs off the album Teen Dream uses a drum machine and dream-like

guitar to satisfy the listener’s ears.