Hollywood on the Hill: This Year’s Breakout Stars

Hollywood on the Hill: This Years Breakout Stars

Many stars broke onto the Hollywood scene in 2010. Jessie Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake both proved to be incredible actors in The Social Network, Natalie Port­man became the hottest actress in Hol­lywood thanks to Black Swan and James Franco is now thought of as the premier young actor in the game due to his memo­rable performance in 127 Hours. Who will be our biggest new stars of 2011? Below are my top 10 entertainers most likely to break-out this year.

10. Kenny Wormald: Wormald is set to star in the remake of the classic Footloose when he took the role after Zach Efron and Chase Crawford dropped out. Even though Wormald is known for his dancing, there is a lot of buzz about his great acting skills. Girls will also go crazy for the dancer’s great looks.

9. Jeremy Irvine: The British actor Irvine has been cast to star in Steven Spielberg’s World War I epic War Horse. The film is set to come out on Christmas and will most definitely be an Oscar contender. Irvine has the looks and now the film vehicle to be an incredibly big Hollywood star.

8. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: This Vic­toria’s Secret model has replaced Meghan Fox as Michael Bay’s female heroin in the third installment of Transformers. She isn’t an actor, but does it matter? Her role will be to look pretty, scream loud and hold Shia LaBeouf ‘s hand while he fights Autobots. Transformer‘s popularity alone will make Huntington a star.

7. Elle Fanning: Fanning is set to star in J.J. Abram’s latest science-fiction film Super 8. Details about the film have been kept secret thus far, but if Abram’s resume is any indi­cation of the film, it will be a huge summer blockbuster. Fanning was fantastic in Sophia Coppolla’s Somewhere, and a summer block­buster is exactly what she needs to make her­self a household name.

6. Emily Browning: Browning is set to star in Zach Snyder’s film Sucker Punch. The film releases in March and if the trailers and clips mean anything, the film will be phe­nomenal. Browning is hot and plays a boda­cious role in the film. Snyder made Gerard Butler a star in 300, and you can look for the same to happen with Browning.

5. Duncan Jones: The only director on the list, Jones follows his first film and Sun­dance sensation Moon with a new science-fiction film titled Source Code. Starring Vera Farminga and Jake Gyllenhall, the film looks like an action packed version of Groundhog Day. If the film is as good as Moon, Jones will be on track to become the next great science-fiction director.

4. Chris Hemsworth: Cast as Thor in the upcoming comic book film, Hems­worth will 100 percent be a household name if Thor is even remotely good. Any comic book hero is almost a given to be famous if the movie is watchable.

3. Andrew Garfield: Even though he was snubbed for a best sup­porting actor nomina­tion at the Academy Awards, Garfield was fantastic in The Social Network. This summer he is starring in the new reboot of the Spiderman franchise. Set photos show that the film will be much darker than the Tobey Maguire ver­sion, and that Marvel is aiming for a Dark Knight type superhero film. My sister is also in love with him.

2. Tom Hardy: I believe that Hardy stole the show as Eames in Inception and Nolan has cast him as the villain in the next Batman. If Heath Ledger’s perfor­mance in the past Batman is any indica­tion of what the role can do for an actor’s career, Hardy is set for a life of stardom. He is also set to star in the romantic com­edy This Means War with Reese Wither­spoon and the war epic Tinker, Tailor, Sol­dier, Spy with Colin Firth.

1. Rooney Mara: Although she was only in three scenes in The Social Network, Mara brought enough passion and energy that Fincher cast her to star in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The film is poised to be both the blockbuster and film of the year, and there is a strong possibility Mara will win the Oscar for her performance. Fincher has told numerous news outlets that Mara will be the actress of her generation. If so, 2011 will be the year of Rooney Mara.