Dine or Decline: David’s Fireside Inn

It’s official, I can die a happy soul! This weekend I journeyed to Boston, MA with Amanda Kalal and Jenna Webb, where we indulged in deliciousness ranging from Thai food and sushi to the best cannolis I have ever had the pleasure of consum­ing (this includes the 20 cannolis I ate in Italy this past summer). Once we re­turned to Hamilton, I realized that there was no logical reason to end such a fan­tastic eating spree. So, I got back in the car and headed out for a romantic date at the best rumored burger joint. That’s right, the five-minute journey landed my friend and me at David’s Fireside Inn (6474 Route 20, Bouckville, NY).

The small casual dining area was per­fectly warm, with dark green tablecloths and a fireside atmosphere. Expecting the menu to simply consist of typical bar foods, I was pleasantly surprised by its va­riety that included everything from nor­mal steakhouse items like burgers, steaks, ribs, pulled pork sandwiches and salads, to Italian favorites such as chicken parmesan, chicken marsala and an extensive list of seafood options. These dishes generally cost be­tween $10.99 and $16.99, with the exception of the Filet of Sirloin that costs $22.99 and the 16 oz. Cowboy Cut Rib Eye at $25.99. Normally, selecting a meal from a menu of this stature would prove to be a challenging feat, but that night I was set on trying the rumored best burger around.

Before we got ahead of ourselves, my friend and I looked over the list of appetizers ($2.99-$10.99) until we finally settled on the loaded potato skins. These partially-gutted potatoes were smothered in cheddar cheese and an ample amount of crispy chunks of bacon. Needless to say, they were absolutely delicious.

Keeping with the bacon theme, both my friend and I ordered the Bacon and Jack Burger covered in cheddar jack cheese and, of course, crispy, salty bacon. The burg­ers definitely hit the spot. In the name of spontaneity, my friend selected the homemade potato chips while I had the sweet potato fries. At the suggestion of the waiter, I tried dipping my fries in horseradish. It sounds a little weird, but it was fantastic!

If you are in the mood for a quiet, low key, in­expensive and delicious meal that is close by, you must head over to David’s Fireside Inn. It is perfect for those days you just don’t feel like cooking or when Frank isn’t making the cut. I have also spoken with other people who have dined at David’s Fire­side Inn and they confirmed that the entrées besides the burgers are equally as satisfying. I do not know if I can commit to saying it was the best burger I have ever eaten, but it certainly was delicious. Da­vid’s Fireside Inn was the perfect ending to the best food weekend I have indulged in for a long time. Thank you to everyone who made this weekend possible.