In The Light: Jason Cohen



Senior Jason Cohen has always found the perfect balance between his academics and extra-curricular life. The biochemistry major hailing from Newton, Massachu­setts values the Colgate student body’s work ethic and activeness.

“I love people’s motivation to work hard to­wards their future while enjoying the experiences we have here,” he explained.

Cohen described himself as “very serious about his work, lighthearted and good-hu­mored.” The senior’s interest in emergency medicine led him to become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for Southern Madison County Volunteer Ambulance Corps (SOMAC) at the beginning of his junior year. Cohen’s dedication promoted him to crew chief after just one semester. The senior has also been a Link since his sophomore year.

“I saw it as a unique opportunity to have an impact on first-year students,” the senior said.

Cohen is also a member of the frater­nity Theta Chi and was their secretary dur­ing his junior year. He stands as a student representative on the Conduct Board and is currently a member of Konosioni.

Cohen will always remember the beginning of spring weekends at Colgate.

“It was always nice to come back from classes on Friday afternoons in the spring to see my friends at the fraternity hanging out on the lawn and enjoying the end of the week,” he said.

Although the senior will be graduat­ing in May, Cohen is excited to start his future in medicine and is ready to live life as an adult. Cohen plans to travel over the summer before he attends medi­cal school in the fall, and he hopes to be a surgeon one day.

During his four years at Colgate, Cohen enjoyed his human physiology class, for which he is now a Teaching Assistant in one of the lab sections.

“The class was extremely interesting and related to what I want to do, especially when we did a lab that involved surgery on an animal,” the senior said.

Looking back on his time at Colgate, Cohen wishes he took part in more comedy improv-related activities.

“I did improv stuff in high school but never did it here. I always enjoyed it in high school and wish I continued it here,” he said.

Cohen’s advice to other students is sim­ply, “Don’t let having too much fun or working hard interfere with the other.”