Women Speak from The Heart and Other Parts

Women Speak from The Heart and Other Parts

On Thursday, February 17 and Friday, February 18, the annual pro­duction of The Vagina Monologues was presented at the Palace Theater. The Vagina Monologues is a play con­taining a series of feminist-infused monologues and scenes written by Eve Ensler. The performance con­tained a perfect mixture of humor­ous and serious monologues that touched upon the topics of female sexuality, sex and body image.

The vast enthusiasm for the various elements expressed in the production, as well as the presentation of typi­cally taboo topics from the back of the program, which contained the phrase “Learn It! Live It! Love It!” directly above a diagram of a vagina.

Before the start of the play, audience members were invited to attend the “Clittail hour” which offered a lovely assortment of shirley temples and soda, as well as coffee and a cupcake bar. It was an extremely lively and welcoming atmosphere.

The production itself drew a relatively large crowd of Hamiltonians and students of both genders. Casey Schmidt, the Colgate senior who directed the play, introduced it by emphasizing its greater message of aware­ness of the community as a whole concern­ing the important issue of sexual violence. The various monologues were performed by a number of talented students of all class years. Much of the content centered around the word “vagina,” and even went so far as to compare the organ to the Colgate Cruiser in that “you never know when it’s gonna come.”

They also talked a lot about the role that sex plays within relationships (both positive and negative) and the importance of sharing feelings and celebrating the body. Some of the more serious monologues touched upon issues of rape and female genital mutilation.

It can most certainly be said that the mono­logues were extremely relatable for viewers. The actors received rapturous applause after every scene, and the production was very well received.

According to first-year Lizzy Blanchet, “It was extremely em­powering and “leaves you feeling more comfortable with yourself.”

The play itself has gained global recognition. It has been published in 45 languages and performed in over 120 countries, proving its deep impact on and popularity with audiences worldwide.

The event was supported by various local and campus organizations such as the Sisters of the Round Table, the Center for Women’s Studies and the Barge Canal Coffee Co.

The proceeds from the tickets went to the Vera House shelter, advocacy and educa­tion center in Syracuse, as well as the V-Day Initiative. The Vera House advocates for an “end to domestic and sexual violence [and] assists families in crisis.” The V-Day initia­tive is a movement founded by Eve Ensler that raises awareness about violence towards woman around the world. 10 percent of the proceeds also went to the Women and Girls of Haiti.