13 Beats for the Week (1/27)

1. “A Little Faster” by There for Tomorrow

A pop-punk song with the perfect ratio of pop to punk.

2. “Misery Loves Company” by Emilie Autumn

After a suicide attempt left her committed to a mental institution, Courtney Love’s former violinist draws on personal experience and shines as a solo art­ist, coming off as something like a depressed, angrier Lady GaGa.

3. “All I Want” by A Day to Remember

The first single off ADTR’s new album is proof that the consistently excellent “heaviest pop-punk band ever” has no intention of slowing down.

4. “Beautiful Loser” by William Control

Aiden’s frontman moonlights as a solo artist and dabbles, successfully, into the obscure dark­wave genre with this catchy psychosexual single.

5. “Two Cups of Tea” by Star F***ing Hipsters

Straight-up punk with the welcome twist of a female vocalist.

6. “Ether” by AFI

To know this song means you are either a die­hard AFI fan (as I am) or foreign; a legal snafu kept the band from releasing it in the U.S. (though it can be heard on the soundtrack for the video game NASCAR 09). But with what is, in my opinion, one of the best vocal harmonies in contemporary rock, it deserves every listen it can get.

7. “Angels” by Within Temptation

These Dutch rockers are sure to please fans of Eva­nescence. They take a break from their usual metal for this soprano demi-ballad.

8. “Mosquitos” by Black Suit Youth

A song with noticeable classic-rock roots and one foot in the contemporary. Gritty vocals and lyrical cynicism only add to the appeal.

9. “I Don’t Care (feat. Adam Gontier)” by Apoc­alyptica

As a metal band comprised solely of three classically trained cellists and a drummer, Apoc­alyptica is forced to borrow singers from other bands; Three Days Grace frontman Gontier was an excellent choice.

10. “Airplanes” by The Ready Set

The Ready Set lends a surprisingly successful pop-punk edge to B.o.B.’s megahit.

11. “Dear Angel” by April Sixth

By turns romantic and wrenching, this little-known band (it’s not even on Wikipedia!) proves itself worthy of far more recognition than it has ever received.

12. “Fer Sure” by the Medic Droid

Essentially a synth-pop take on Meat Loaf ‘s “Para­dise by the Dashboard Light” for a less romantic, more drug-addled generation.

13. “For All Lovers” by Stanfour

Caught somewhere between Skillet and Nick­elback, this song proves that sometimes simplicity really is better.