13 Beats for the Week (12/2)


1. “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) by Florence and the Machine (Jamie T/Lionheart Remix)

This remix transforms the British Indie Pop bands single from 2009. Personally, my favorite song on this list.

2. “Gypsy P” by Crookers

Only Crookers can be seemingly so playful and nonchalant while at the same time be taken so seriously.

3. “Right This Second” by Deadmau5

I guess Deadmau5 had to solidify the fact that he is the greatest DJ in the world, the problem is nobody was questioning that. Lets just see anyone else try to use a Beethoven sample as effectively. Definitely, his best song since “Some Chords”.

4. “We Love Animals” by Crookers feat. Soulwax and Mixhell

Further proof that Crookers love what they do, an admirable trait if you ask me.

5. “Wake Up” by John Legend and The Roots (Arcade Fire Cover)

Good, but I don’t understand why they would cover a song, which, keep in mind, is already perfect, and then not make it their own.

6. “Boom” by Royce da 5’9″

Early Royce off of his debut album Rock City back in 2002.

7. “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” by Das Racist

“Combination Dunkin’ Donuts and Subway” doesn’t have quite the same ring now does it.

8. “Louder Than Words” by David Guetta and Afrojack

Prime for a crossover hit, Guetta combines progressive house beats with a sing-along chorus.

9. “8 Bit Baby” by Skream feat. Murs

Off of Skream’s latest release, Outside the Box, Skream transcends a genre that looks like it is increasingly becoming a trend. Murs and Skream does sound amazing and I would love to see rappers jump on more house, dub etc. beats.

10. “Through the Wire” by Kanye West

I would be remised to not have a Kanye track on this list. While his new album way be considered “visionary” lets not forget what got him there. Off of his debut album, when he didn’t need to be labeled a genius to sell records, “Through the Wire” should always be looked on as his crowning achievement.

11. “Death Wish” by Nujabes

Now that I’ve checked my Kanye rant off my list, this is a much more, lets say, morbid track.

12. “The Hunter” by Sub Antix

Wobbly yet listenable dubstep from this Stepper based in British Columbia.

13. “Game We Made” by Dignan Porch

The Beatles on acid? No, this Lo-fi London quartet is simply put­ting out gentle, womping, psychedelic on their debut album Tendrils.