13 Beats (11/18)


I’ve always felt a little bad that there are no Thanksgiving songs (particularly when I was a cashier and the Christmas music started when the Halloween decorations came out). So, for this last column before Thanksgiving break, I decided to focus on songs about going home. Because, after all, Thankgiving is about spending time with your family. Aside from that whole screwing-over-the-Indians thing.

1. “Home” by Michael Bublé

This is a great song about yearning to go home despite being in amazing places and having wonderful experiences. Probably most college students have felt that kind of homesickness.

2. “My Town” by Armor For Sleep

“My Town” sounds like it could be about the student who brought college back home with him. Maybe try not to be this person when you return home for the break.

3. “On My Way Back Home” by Band of Horses

This is a simple, mellow song reflecting on the person’s life up to this moment.

4. “In My Life” by the Beatles

This touching song explains that “people and things that went before” live on in our memories, even if they can’t be returned to in actuality.

5. “Rockin’ the Suburbs” by Ben Folds

I dedicate this song to everyone who rocks the suburbs each time they go home over breaks.

6. “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” by Bon Jovi

This song directly confronts the idea that you can never truly “go home” once you grow up and have new experiences. Who can resist such a poppy, upbeat song?

7. “Our House” by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

We might not all have houses with two cats in the yard, but this song is a classic regardless.

8. “We Laugh Indoors” by Death Cab for Cutie

I like “We Laugh Indoors” for its particular details about this city home. We all have those seemingly inconsequential little details that define our homes for us.

9. “Wonderful” by Everclear

For some people, going home is more complicated than warm, fuzzy feelings of nostalgia. If you’re skeptical that going home will be “wonderful,” this song is for you. At the same time, I think almost anyone can relate to the complex emotions of growing up expressed in this song.

10. “Come On Home” by Franz Ferdinand

This song shows a conflict over where home is, exactly. In “Come On Home,” two lovers choose their different, physical homes over each other, and can’t seem to bridge this gap.

11. “I Feel Home” by OAR

“I Feel Home” is a feel-good, nostalgic song about what aspects of the neighborhood the singer grew up in make him “feel home.”

12. “Homesick” by The Vines

This song is about growing up and having to leave home, as scary as it is to be independent and face reality.

13. “Home This Year” by Virginia Coalition

In this catchy Virginia Coalition song, the singer is determined to return to the comforts of home, even though this is no longer a simple thing to do.