In The Light: Sarah Shenker



Kat Kollitides

“I don’t even know how I got here,” ex­claimed senior Sarah Shenker, an exuber­ant Colgate student who is “shocked” to already be in her last year. “Where has the time gone?”

Shenker, a sociology and anthropol­ogy major and educational studies minor, has made good use of her past four years at Colgate. A native of Long Island, NY, Shenker served on the Colgate cheerlead­ing squad for three years before leaving the group this year.

“Cheerleading was amazing, but it was such a big time commitment,” Shenker said. “I miss it a lot, but since I’ve left I’ve been able to get involved in so many other activities. For me, senior year has been the big year to get involved.”

A member of the Sorella Society, the co-president of the SOAN club and an “occasional” greeter at Admissions, Shen­ker also has become involved in Ophelia’s Girls, a group which provides mentoring to local middle and high school aged girls in the area.

“We talk a lot about their worries, their dreams and just about things that mat­ter to them,” Shenker said. “We also talk about boys. It’s great.”

Shenker has also been able to keep up her involvement in cheerleading. She currently serves as the Assistant Coach to the Hamilton Central High School cheerleaders, a position she “loves.”

While commited to her many activi­ties, Shenker is currently dedicated solely to her thesis. She is qualitatively studying the Campus Climate Survey’s finding that socioeconomic status is correlated with the happiness of students at Colgate.

“It’s a really interesting topic, but it’s a lot of work,” Shenker explained. “I’ve in­terviewed so many people for my research, which takes a large amount of time. But I’m almost done!”

Shenker, who is currently applying for the Peace Corps and is “considering” graduate school, has an exciting future ahead of her. Yet, she declared that she will miss “the magical little bubble” that is Colgate.

“I remember in my pre-orientation program before my first year, they were giving out free t-shirts at the HOP,” Shenker recalled. “As a first-year, you’re always excited for a free t-shirt. So I went down with [Maroon-News Editor-in-Chief] Geoff Guenther to get one. Turns out, there were no more t-shirts left. This girl who was working there was wearing one. She literally took the shirt off her back and gave it to me. That is how awesome Colgate is.”