The Broadway Beat: Masque & Triangle Delivers Memorable Performances



On Friday night, the Palace Theater was packed to near fire hazard proportions. In the first of two cabaret performances, the cast of “The Beautiful Life,” presented by Masque & Tri­angle, showcased some of the best vocal and performing talents Colgate has to of­fer. The combina­tion of show tunes and free admission drew an impres­sive crowd, and the evening’s per­formers did not disappoint. This semester’s show was directed by se­niors Kathleen Ar­menti and Becca McArthur and ju­nior Fatima Sowe. While the series began several years ago as a Valentine’s Day cabaret, this twice annual tra­dition has become a much loved tra­dition for both the performers and the attendees. Like a great night at the Jug, Friday night’s show prompted a line out the Palace Theater door, forcing the ushers to turn saddened caba­ret enthusiasts away. Fortunately, for all those missing out on Friday’s performance, there was another opportunity to see the show on Saturday.

“The Beautiful Life” had something to offer for everyone. Choosing songs based on this theme, the goal of the performance was best summed up in the program given out to attendees: “The songs in this semester’s cabaret were chosen based on the ideas of embracing life and celebrating the best of the human spirit.” And the performances were definitely spirited. The cast performed Broadway favorites like “La Vie Boheme” from Rent and “Song of Purple Summer” from Spring Awakening, but also introduced au­diences to lesser known but highly entertaining numbers like “Die Vampire, Die” from [title of show] and “Be My Friend (The Face­book Song)” from Edges. There were many standout performances during the night, including a performance of “Big Ass Rock” from The Full Monty and “Just Another Day” from Next to Normal, but based on audience reaction, junior Fatima Sowe stole the show. Sowe’s rendition of “Random Black Girl” from Homemade Fusion not only had the audience laugh­ing out loud, but also showcased her truly amazing vocal talent.

While in pre­vious years, the musical accom­paniment didn’t do much to en­hance the qual­ity of the perfor­mance, this year, the band was just as talented as the individual actors. Under the musi­cal direction of senior Liz Bar­nett, the guitar talents of sopho­more Ian Nordin, the piano skills of seniors Liz Barnett and Car­oline Heaney and the drumming of sophomore Colin Cowles, the music supplemented the excitement onstage.

The outpouring of students and community members was truly a testament to the beloved nature of the cabaret and the talents of the performers. Audience members did not hesitate to show support for their friends, with some students even making signs for their classmates. In what’s becoming a tradition for the cabaret, the brothers of Phi Kappa Tau showed up en masse with loud cheers of support for fellow fraternity members in the show. Despite any former misunderstandings, however, this Maroon-News writer and Phi Tau were in agreement. Senior Sam Christie rocked, and was well worth cheering.