Spotlight: Billy Mauzy

Senior Billy Mauzy didn’t initially consider joining Greek Life. Now, though, listening to Mauzy, current president of Phi Kappa Tau, it is hard to imagine a better spokesperson for the chapter or for Greek Life at Colgate.

“The social, party aspect,” Mauzy begins, smiling, “It’s a large factor in why people join Phi Tau and any fraternity on campus, but there’s also a lot more.”

Before becoming president, Mauzy served as vice president and Community Coordinator (CC) of Phi Tau. He suggests that Greek Life provides students with the op­portunity for leadership roles that might teach you a few skills that can’t be learned in the classroom.

A clear advocate of Greek Life, Mauzy is also a case in point that being a member, and even a leader of a Greek organi­zation, does not preclude you from volunteering for the Ham­ilton Fire Department, joining Konosioni or making friends outside of your organization.

It is perhaps not surprising that Mauzy thinks that the great­est challenge facing our Greek community is establishing clear lines of communication with the Colgate administration. Mauzy recommends that the adminis­tration clarify their expectations of Greek organizations and sim­plify their relationship with the Greek community by defining which areas of Greek Life specific administrators and administrative departments oversee.

Mauzy speaks with an easy rhythm when discussing the relationship between Greek organizations and administrators, as if he is delivering a well-known speech. He notes that the administration has been consistently open to collaborating with students and hearing their concerns. Sure, Mauzy might not agree with a recent re-interpretation of a 1991 recruitment rule that some believe was relayed to the fraternities with little explanation and hardly enough notice; but finding a positive spin, Mauzy says that it looks good for Phi Tau, Greek Life and the administration that alumni, students and administrators spoke at length about the issue and are continuing to work toward a solution.

In less than a month, Mauzy’s term as president will be over. He will, of course, be helping the new president transition into his old role, but he is also looking forward to bearing a little less responsibility. And he is, of course, looking forward to Phi Tau’s Harry Potter themed event, scheduled to coincide with the November movie release; as well as the chapter’s winter Toys for Tots drive.