In the Light: Dana Bohan

In the Light: Dana Bohan

For a student who initially did not think she would attend Colgate, senior Dana Bohan, a New York City native, certainly feels she made the right decision in the end. Bohan, a self-described “cheese ball” says she could not imagine her life anywhere else and, like most seniors, can hardly believe how quickly her college years are passing.

A sister of Kappa Kappa Gamma, a member of the Colgate University Geology Society (CUGS) and the Student Government Association (SGA) and currently serving on the executive board for the Senior Class Gift Committee, Bohan is an active member of the Colgate community. Her motivation for that is her desire to meet as many people as she can while she is here. Her friends even call her a “friend-collector.”

“Every day I meet someone who blows me out of the water,” Bohan said.

Geology was the last major Bohan expected to choose, but she was drawn to the department by the professors’ contagious passion and willingness to reach out to their students. She declares that the department “couldn’t be better.” She is presently researching climate change in the Gulf Coast through an independent study. After graduation, Bohan aims to enter sustainability or environmental consulting, hoping to choose a career in line with both her wish to meet new people and to help maintain the earth.

As involved as Bohan is academically, she also sees the value in exploring other areas. She studied abroad to Galway, Ireland through a non-Colgate program.

“[The trip] provided a unique perspective on a culture I had never been immersed in before,” Bohan said.

She credits Kappa, too, for opening her eyes to areas to which she had not previously been exposed. The different interests of all the members grant Bohan “a great way to be connected with a whole other world.” Through Kappa’s philanthropy events, she has seen more of the local Hamilton community and encountered more of the Colgate student body.

“The girls are wonderful and we have so much fun together,” Bohan said of her sisters.

Facing her final year at Colgate, Bohan realizes how easy it is to become overwhelmed and forget to appreciate the beauty of the school and all it provides its students, but she hopes to overcome that and stay positive. When she leaves the university, she hopes to have taken advantage of everything that Colgate has to offer and, with her eagerness to try new activities and to always meet more people, it seems very likely that she will do exactly that.