In The Light: Damien Vacherot



By day, senior Damien Vacherot is a self-described intellectual, “relatively dynamic” Frenchman. By night, Vacherot channels this dedication and culture into his passions, trading a cubicle at Case Library for the DJ booth where he calls the speakers his “soapbox.” With such a wide range of interests, Vacherot clearly exceeds his own self-described “relatively dynamic” nature. The mathematical economics and international relations double major has maintained an equally busy extracurricular schedule to rival his full academic calendar.

“I led the Colgate International Community (CIC) for three semesters. I introduced two classes of international students to Colgate life. That was a defining moment in my career here,” Vacherot said.

In addition to the CIC, Vacherot has also been involved with the South Asian Cultural Club, the Colgate Debate Society, WRCU, the Muslim Students Association and recreational soccer. Vacherot’s activities reflect his dedication to broadening his own sense of culture, a commitment that he recommends to all other students.

“Reach out to groups you don’t necessarily identify with. Chances are, you‘ll find amazing people that you wouldn’t expect to enjoy spending time with,” Vacherot said.

While Vacherot stressed the importance of the friends he has made at Colgate, chances are, his fellow students would speak just as highly of him. Vacherot is like Colgate’s very own Doogie Howser, coming to college at only sixteen. While “home” for Vacherot has ranged from Canada to Texas, Vacherot now spends his time in France. This cultural background will be put to good use when Vacherot graduates, as he will be working with Bank of America Merrill Lynch as an investment banking analyst in the French financial institutions group.

Yet despite his many travels, Vacherot is equally happy to remain on campus. Giving advice to fellow students, he emphasized the importance of on-campus opportunities in introducing him to new experiences.

“Spend a summer here,” Vacherot advised. “That was one of the best summers.”

As his time at Colgate draws to a close, Vacherot’s accomplishments will undoubtedly propel him to more successes. However, Vacherot does not yet seem ready to leave Colgate entirely behind. In closing, Vacherot offered a few words to Colgate’s female student body.

“If interested, call,” Vacherot said, adding for further enticement, “My next door neighbor is Sarkozy.”

So for any Colgate females impressed by his countless achievements or interested in French government, Vacherot may just be the perfect man.